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Send your old clothes now and I will turn them into gold

Hi all!

It’s Maya again from the do-business and be-event team. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy there.

Last two weeks, I shared with you my new routine during the pandemic. But aerial has been one of many new things that I am trying right now.

If you have known me for years, you already know that fashion and styling are some of my passion. I have been in so many fashion competitions back then. I won a few times, other times I got the chance to meet several talented designers and stylists. I also got the chance to work in one of the biggest fashion retailers in the world as a Visual Merchandiser even though it was only 2 months. But I learned a lot. The team was really supportive. They taught me how to iron clothes based on fabrics and materials, how to make good styling looks, etc. There I realized that the fashion industry was really tough. I appreciate those who are still passionately working in the industry up until now 🤍

After my resignation, my exploration of fashion continued. Until last year, one of my friends, Radhya told me about her mission to support a slow fashion by not buying new clothes. Thrifting has been in my life since I was in high school. I knew that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. I was thinking of joining her initiative and since then, I have never bought brand new clothes. I started to buy preloved clothes and did some upcycling projects ✨🤍

Here you can see my first piece of clothing that I stitched by hand using old fabric. I hope to be able to do more of this someday and eventually only make my own clothes from now on.

Oh, and you know what would help me if you can send me some of your old clothes! 😍😍

I will be so happy to make something out of it.

So what about you, have you ever done something similar? Maybe, just by repurposing old items. I know in our office, most of the things are made from upcycled materials. Share them in the comments below!!

Take care and see you next week!

Our giftmaker, Okta's pants is in the making

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