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Send your old clothes and get a free traditional Japanese embroidery

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Hi it’s Maya from Do-Business and Be-Event team!

I will share with you something different on this blog.

This pandemic pushed me to do something that’s challenging and even I have never done before. The first semi-lockdown in Indonesia was in March 2020. Most of my friends started to learn how to cook or create a small garden at their house, while I did not have any interest in stuff like that. Until one day, one of my friends gave me a small handcrafted package. It’s a handmade scrunchy or hair tie. She made it herself. It was pretty and I did love stuff that’s handmade because it’s special and limited. On that package, there’s a small label which was an embroidered flower. I was interested in it. Then, I asked her if she could teach me how to do embroidery. At the end of 2020, we managed to have a small workshop, with Okta and Fabian as well, on how to make a pretty embroidery on the fabric or clothes. Special thanks to my embroidery teacher, NiLuh!

Since then, I keep practicing and exploring other patterns. Every day, I looked through hundreds of Instagram accounts and Pinterest. I even downloaded TikTok just to get some inspirational references. 😂

I was doing embroidery on top of the fabric, I have never done it on clothes. I was too scared to try. At that time, I still couldn’t find what things that I can make with my embroidery skill.

After several months, I kind of stopped practicing, and two weeks ago, I joined a stitching workshop. I got the poster as well as the information from the WA group. I clearly remembered that it's not yet written on the poster about the name of the workshop or who will conduct the workshop. It's just stated 'stitching workshop'.

An hour before the workshop, I checked the poster again and 'Sashiko' was written (a type of traditional Japanese embroidery or stitching used for the decorative and/or functional reinforcement of cloth and clothing) workshop by ( Wow! That’s something new for me. I did a quick check through their social media and their project was cool! is a community that produces goods and does repairs for our old stuff. What is interesting from is the founder’s story. A young guy who has a wonderful grandmother. She was a tailor and this's founder wanted to continue his grandmother legacy. He also wanted to prove that young people can be a cool tailor. So, he learned how to stitch and explore more about Sashiko stitching and patterns.

At the workshop, the provided us a worn and defective clothes/fabrics, so, we can freely pick whatever we want. This might be the second thing I like from They have the campaign to support a slow fashion. They introduced us to their upcycling projects, how to turn something old into cool and fashionable work! I was super excited.

After the workshop, I managed to come to the office for a dinner. I told our CEO, Tak, and his wife, Rumi about the Sashiko workshop since the origin of this stitching method is from Japan. By the end, Rumi showed us (Okta, Sarah, and I) the strings and Taiga’s (Tak’s son) Sashiko napkins.

Rumi lent me a Japanese book full of Sashiko patterns. She told us it’s common among Japanese moms as a trick to turn old and defective stuff into something beautiful. She also gave us a small fabric that’s already has a printed Sashiko pattern and a string. I’m working on it now!! 🌸

This stitching activity is addictive. I finally have a vision of what I’m doing with my stitching skill. So, I finished my Sashiko work from workshop and I am satisfied enough with the result.

I am now into these upcycling projects and super excited to work on someone’s old stuff. A few days ago, I posted about my new hobby on Instagram and had a chat with Indri about buying secondhand stuff. Oya! It’s already half a year I did not buy new clothes. I tried to support a slow fashion, so, I bought second or preloved stuff. It’s connected with what I got during the Sashiko workshop.

I asked Indri to send her clothes, so, I can do a little creative with my Sashiko stitching skill.

Dear everyone, if you have and want me to also upcycle your old stuff, just send it and let me know! I'll do my best to make it prettier and I need more practice! 😍

Thank you for reading my story, see you on my next blog!

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