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Our Story

At, we continuously practice and improve our “think and do” actions that are scientifically beneficial for society and the environment by implementing our principles in daily basis. With our environmentally friendly office, called “Dojo”, we aim to create a transparent culture to establish a “be-tank” in the future and broaden our vision through our international Internship program, SDG trainings and events collaboration with local schools and communities.

20201129 crop seminar


We welcome you from around the world to join us and be a Giftmaker for the earth through our educational program. 

Be: Projects
20200121 Biogas Installation at Green Sc


1. Environmental Engineering Intern 

We are seeking for environmental engineering interns to support in developing portable biogas digester to enable sustainable rural socio-economic opportunities in Bali and set an example for an alternative strategy to alleviate poverty in rural areas in Indonesia. 

2. Programming/ IT Intern 

We are seeking for intern to explore and establish blockchain system to store biogas data and cryptocurrency system for carbon offset purchasing. This number will be translated into "carbon offset" value that can be purchased by customers worldwide based on the flowmeter on our installed biogas across Bali and Flores.  

3. Permaculture Intern 

We are looking for permaculture interns to develop our garden in the office and possibly manage, expand and teach students in international schools about permaculture and biogas digester that produces organic fertilizer 

Responsibilities, requirements, opportunity details and to apply: