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At, we continuously practice and improve our “think and do” actions that are scientifically beneficial for society and the environment by implementing our principles in daily basis. With our environmentally friendly office, called “Dojo”, we aim to create a transparent culture to establish a “be-tank” in the future and broaden our vision through our international Internship program, SDG trainings and events collaboration with local schools and communities.

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We welcome you from around the world to join us and be a Giftmaker for the earth through our Internship program. 



1. Research Assistant 

This position will support our research projects such as writing papers, proposals, analyze data other relevant assistance, that are mainly focused on the climate change and energy at the systems level. 

2. Thesis Work  

We can help you for your thesis project as we are actively working on and engaging academic field if it could be aligned with our expertise. With the help of Dr. Takeshi Takama and our team, we are looking to assist anyone on producing the best possible thesis that could be applicable. 

Responsibilities, requirements, opportunity details and to apply: 



1. Green Business Developer  

This position will assist various do-business activities of, su-re.cocoa and upcoming products. Some of the responsibilities are acquiring new business partnerships, performing and reporting marketing and sales analysis, managing marketing communication and relationship with business partners (producers, roasters and retailers). 

2. Media Intern  

We are seeking Media intern to produce environment and green business content, and manage social media campaigns to develop brand awareness. Some of the responsibilities are strategizing content and digital marketing campaign, creating poster, illustrations, videography, photography, and poster for social media, marketing assets, website, YouTube, and newsletters. 

Responsibilities, requirements, opportunity details and to apply: 

20200121 Biogas Installation at Green Sc


1. Environmental Engineering Intern 

We are seeking for environmental engineering interns to support in developing portable biogas digester to enable sustainable rural socio-economic opportunities in Bali and set an example for an alternative strategy to alleviate poverty in rural areas in Indonesia. 

2. Programming/ IT Intern 

We are seeking for intern to explore and establish blockchain system to store biogas data and cryptocurrency system for carbon offset purchasing. This number will be translated into "carbon offset" value that can be purchased by customers worldwide based on the flowmeter on our installed biogas across Bali and Flores.  

3. Permaculture Intern 

We are looking for permaculture interns to develop our garden in the office and possibly manage, expand and teach students in international schools about permaculture and biogas digester that produces organic fertilizer 

Responsibilities, requirements, opportunity details and to apply:  



With our abundance of experiences in the field of sustainability, as well as the implementation the solutions, shares deeper insight about the topic through various short trainings below.



The online SDGs training by aims to give an in-depth insight on how SDGs work as a holistic approach to address global issues. With every SDGs heavily intertwined to one another, the training will shed light on the best ways to approach global/local challenges.

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Our in-person training in Bali aims to give a hands-on experience to build awareness and explore local issues in Indonesia. After the training, participants are more knowledgeable in the complexities of global issues specifically in developing countries and are more equipped to contribute to solving these issues.



Outside formal trainings, we have been sharing our knowledge and experience through online webinars on different topics and in various languages. Stay tuned in our upcoming events so that you won’t miss out!



We together deliver our insightful gifts

20201127 Kota Tanpa Sampah.png

Kota Tanpa Sampah is both an idea and a movement towards a sustainable future, where its consumption and production system and culture are in harmony with nature and its continuous circular cycle.

Kota Tanpa Sampah

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Hutan Itu Indonesia believes that everyone can contribute to protecting forests, and with collaboration, we can encourage people for better forest protection and the future of Indonesia.

Hutan Itu Indonesia

20201127 Ocean Defender Indonesia.png

Ocean Defender Indonesia is a place for volunteers, activists and supporters of Greenpeace to support the campaign for protecting the oceans.

Ocean Defender Indonesia

20201127 Zero Waste Indonesia.png

Zero Waste Indonesia is a ONE-STOP-SOLUTION platform for a zero waste lifestyle.

Zero Waste Indonesia


Lindungi Hutan is an online fundraising platform for forest and environmental conservation by connecting the supporters, activists and mobilizers to take real action.

Lindungi Hutan

20201202 efarming is an online platform that provides free information, knowledge sharing and discussions about easy farming.

20201127 NEX ID

New Energy Nexus is an international organization that supports a wide range of clean energy entrepreneurs through funding, accelerator programs and networks.

New Energy Nexus

20201127 cerita Iklim

Cerita Iklim is a learning platform to understand about climate change phenomenon from reliable data.

Cerita Iklim

20201202 CLARK Memorial International Hi

CLARK Memorial International High School located in Japan and convey Dr. William. S. Clark’s philosophy to learn and deliver the spirit of “challenge” for young people, full of possibilities.

CLARK Memorial International High School

20201202 The University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo pursues the world's highest level of education while respecting students' individuality and right to study.

The University of Tokyo

20201202 Daiki Axis

Daiki Axis protect the environment on an axis of its water-related businesses and challenge on various initiatives for a richer sustainable life and future.

Daiki Axis

20201202 Tiger Mov

Tiger Mov offers opportunities to take on overseas internships in rapidly growing markets such as Africa, South America and Asian countries. They are producing leaders who will lead the times by providing a wide variety of practical business internships in 35 countries around the world.

Tiger Mov


The Surplus Community provides information and education to society about environmental issues, especially food waste. Surplus Community also provides a forum for the community to be able to discuss and take action to create a sustainable life and environment.

Surplus Community

20201209 Saya Pilih Bumi

#SayaPilihBumi is a movement that aims to invite people to make behavioral changes in their daily activities and to be more responsible as individuals for waste produced by themselves.

#SayaPilihBumi by National Geographic Indonesia

20201230 Pelita Khatulistiwa

Pelita Khatulistiwa is a non-profit organization engaged in improving the quality of society through renewable energy which can support the progress of remote communities.

Pelita Khatulistiwa