Delivering our gifts to the earth

Our team is an incredible source of information, inspiration, and dedication to everything su-re.co (Sustainability & Resilience) Gift-maker to the Earth stands for. We’re so happy to work in something that we love so much, and invite you to learn more about us below.



CEO & Founder

Takeshi leads this young think-and-do tank which aims to truly achieve a better environment and society for all of us. He makes strategic plans and decisions to make sure that projects run smoothly and effectively to support people in developing countries and solve environmental problems based on scientific analysis. He has been working as an international expert on climate change, environment and energy for nearly 2 decades, and has a PhD in Economic Geography from Oxford University.



Research Assistant

Cynthia is involved in a number of collaborative projects with international agencies e.g. EU (i.e. GreenWIN and TRANSrisk), UNIDO, UNDP and ADB. With a main focus on climate change adaptation and mitigation, she is designing for clean energy at household level. She has been working in the area of climate change as a researcher since 2012 and obtained an MSc degree in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.



Research Assistant

Fabian received his BSc at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Having done a Liberal Arts program, he has a broad background of both technical and social sciences, ranging from topics such as Environmental Policy to Cognitive Neuroscience. Now he is supporting various research projects and writing research proposals and projects related to climate change adaptation and mitigation.



Business & Events

Maya joined su-re.co's Be-Event to coordinate and manage su-re.co activities such as international workshops, company training programs, Japan field school trip, and university research visits. As of the pandemic, Maya is now working on online programs and helping the Do-Business team with the export preparation and crowdfunding.



Research Assistant

Indri has a Master's degree in Sustainable Energy from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a Bachelor's degree in Physics Engineering from Gadjah Mada University. She has had experiences in renewable energy projects in remote areas and is now working on Indonesia's case study for LANDMARC project, a 4-year project funded by the European Commission.

20201002, Amanda Puspa Ramadhani.jpg


Research & Administrative Assistant

Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from UC Berkeley, focusing on environmental design and urbanism in developing countries. She is currently handling a variety of administrative and project management tasks within the company operations, while also supporting ongoing research project such as TIPPING+ and LANDMARC.

20201002 Oktavianna Winda.jpg


Business & Events

Okta is an entrepreneurship and community development enthusiast. She graduated from Chemical Engineering at University of Sumatera Utara. She is currently involved in business & online event activities to promote sustainability also to support local farmers across Bali & Flores.

20210319 Erina Oyama.jpg


Business Intern

Erina is currently studying international politics and development at Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan. From her experience visiting to Nepal for field research, she was shocked by how the climate change affected the farmers lives. She wants to support the farmers in Indonesia by spreading Gift Makers in Japan.



Research Assistant Intern

Natasha is pursuing a degree in International Development, Environment, and Society Studies from Tokyo Institute of Technology and currently joining su-re.co Think (research) Team as a research assistant intern. Her goal is to gain a deeper understanding in the sustainable development efforts in Indonesia.

20210215 Arvin Nanda.jpg


Engineering Intern

Arvin is currently pursuing chemical engineering at Universitas Gadjah Mada, joining su-re.co as Do-Engineering intern. He aims to explore and gain new knowledge in bioprocess engineering, sustainable development, and solving environmental issues.

20210318 Sarah Wibisono.jpg


Business and Event

Sarah is a Bachelor of Management from Bina Nusantara University. Her intention as Green Business Development Intern is to gain knowledge in green business, sustainable development, and circular business model. Due to her experiences joining project of sustainable farming and rural community development, she wants to contribute in empowering Indonesian farmer.

20210411 Ai Yamakami.jpg


Business Intern

Ai is an MBA candidate at The Wharton School, Class of 2023, and holds a Bachelor of Law and Political Science from Keio University. She represented Japan in G20 Youth Summit 2013 held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. After gaining six years of professional experiences at J.P.Morgan, she is passionate to elaborate knowledge and experience in sustainable development.

20210405 Takashi Hirose.JPG


Business Intern

Takashi is currently studying business at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan. He studied sustainability and circular economy as an exchange student in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He aims the working experience with various people, especially at su-re.co. He aims to gain knowledge of green business and scale it.

20210414 Mana Iwata.jpg


Business Intern

Mana is an upcoming MSc History student at the University of Edinburgh. She has a broad background in the Humanities derived from an interdisciplinary study at Nanzan University where she completed a BA in Foreign Studies. Her ultimate objective is contributing to creating a fair and sustainable world which she believes aligns with su-re.co's vision.

20210423 Clarissa Rahmanita Idat.jpg


Research Assistant Intern

Clarissa is currently a second year MSc Organic Agriculture student in Wageningen University & Research, the Netherland, specializing in Agroecology. She wishes to be able to join projects that focuses on transformation towards environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

20210602 Shadrina Fildzah Ramadhani.jpg


Research Assistant Intern

Shadrina is just recently graduated from Biodiversity and Sustainability Master Programme in Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands. With interest in the areas of Animal Sciences and Biodiversity Studies, she hopes to expand her career as a researcher.

20210702 Crescencia Melissa.jpeg


Engineering Intern

Crescencia is a Bioprocess Engineering student from Universitas Indonesia passionate in sustainable industry practices, waste management, and renewable energy. They hope to expand and practice their knowledge of socio-environmental proliferation through local development and community empowerment.

20210714 Elena Estevez Takashima.jpeg


Business Intern

Elena is currently studying international development in University of East Anglia. Since she visited the Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia and witnessed the degradation of the water quality, she has been interested in environment and its influence on people. She is passionate about gaining new skills and knowledge in su-re.co.



Made our history and stories

Our Alumni who deliver gifts for the Earth continuously

20210217 Bambang Wisanggeni.jpg


Research Assistant Intern

Bambang is a bachelor of nuclear engineering from Universitas Gadjah Mada. He is passionate in sustainable community development, both from engineering and social aspects. As a research assistant intern, his strengthen the think-team of su-re.co.

20210215 Miku Matsuda.jpeg


Business Intern

Miku is currently studying international liberal arts at Soka University, Tokyo, Japan. She belongs to Green Peace Japan and raised awareness of environmental protection there. She tries to spread the concepts of environmental protection and increase the potential of business

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Research Assistant Intern

Kyla is currently pursuing a dual degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies in UCLA, the United States. With a background in GIS, geographical field work, and environmental advocacy

Aulia Riezky Madhila.jpeg


Media Intern

Dhila is still a student of Universitas Gadjah Mada who participates a lot of committee as media staff division. She does graphic design and video editing, and currently she is on Do-Bussiness Team as su-re.co media internship

20210201, Akane Yamauchi, AY


Business Intern

Akane currently studies international liberal arts at Soka University, Tokyo, Japan. As she studies marketing in her university, she hopes to increase “giftmakers” in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and more during the internship. She aims to get insights about circular business and green marketing strategies in su-re.co.

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Business Intern

Masaki is currently studying business, specifically corporate finance, at Osaka City University, Japan. He is mainly working on expanding su-re.co’s business abroad. As he believes he can contribute to making sustainable society by contributing to su-re.co, he works on whatever needed to expand the business: Japanese website, Japanese Facebook page, crowdfunding and so on.