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Calling All Alumni to our Alumni Journal


How are you?

I hope everyone is doing great and full of spirit to learn step-by-step how to be a blog contributor. It’s been a while since my last blog, I’d like to introduce myself again. I’m Maya from be-event & training of I’m mostly handling the students' SDGs training and community engagement offline and online.

Since 2021, ’s CEO and gift makers actively share their knowledge and experience through a blog on's official website. In case you want to read and look for references, you can go to our gift-makers blog here.

By writing blogs, our gift makers receive positive feedback from partners that they can learn something from the gift makers' experiences and somehow it can be the resource of information mostly related to climate change and environmental issues. I learn a lot through blog writing. I can improve my English and vocabulary, I learn how to paraphrase, and the best part for me is that now I can write what is in my head through a story.

Writing is not easy at all.BUT...... after a year, I learned how to appreciate the THINK-research team colleagues more and realized that writing is a skill. Through blog writing, I believe you can also learn and explore your new skill. You can even add your writing skill soon to your CV :p !!

Now, as has growing alumni and, our giftmakers and I want to invite you to write a blog about sustainability, SDGs, your experience with, or other environmental issues and solutions.

Here are the easy steps and tips I want to share with you on how to write a blog as a blog contributor:

1. Go to .

2. Make an account.

3. Please email and tell us your Wix registered email. This will help us to give you access to be the blog contributor.

4. Go to section “blog” on the left side and choose “Overview”.

5. Write your blog.

6. If you want to add photos by uploading the files from your PC, please make sure you make your folder on the “blog” folder.

7. If you finish your blog, go to “setting”, and you can upload and custom your blog cover.

8. Go to “SEO Settings” and set up the SEO basics. The SEO basics can give your blog exposure on Google or another search engine, so, make sure you fill all the boxes. One suggestion, you can make a simple summary for the meta description, so, that is easier to track through the search engine

9. If you have done with the “SEO Settings", go to Categories and choose your category (example: alumni journal).

10. After the “Categories” section, go to “Tags” and choose tags based on the options.

11. Publish your blog! and done^^

That’s the guide for your first blog.

I know now you have so many ideas to write in your head and are more excited to post your writings soon on blog, so, if you find any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact and ask us through email, we are happy to support you on your first blog publishing process. Good luck and I can’t wait to read, like, comment, and share your first blog!!

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