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How to host an online event: the finale


I am Maya from Be-Event of

As I promised you last week, today, I will continue my series on how to hold an online event. We are finally here. This is going to be the finale of my series.

If you have been following my series, last week I talked about the things you need to do during the event. This time, I will talk about tips and follow-up actions after the event.

1. If you remembered, I suggested creating a WhatsApp group or any communication platform with the participants. After the event, what we usually do is greet and say thanks to all the participants who joined and supported our event. This group aims to give related information about the event to participants as well. For example, if there’s any giveaway challenge or a follow-up activity after the event, we can remind them through the group. In another case, we usually inform them whether or not we have sent the certificate, documentation, and presentation from the speakers by mail.

2. Do not forget to say thanks to the collaboration partner and the team. To improve our next event, we usually give our partner an evaluation form to evaluate our collaboration. As for time efficiency, there’s also an option in the form that our partner could schedule an evaluation meeting with team or just completing it. The form is quite clear as an evaluation form, so, here’s what we have:

3. We only give a certificate to the participants who fill in the attendance form. I learned some tips from gift maker, Okta, to make certificate automation. It’s simple and easy, go let’s check her blog here:

4. Just like what I did when I sent the email reminder, I will share the link folder of certificate, documentation, and speakers’ presentations through email using the ‘BCC’ method. You can see the steps on my blog here:

You can also use the other method from gift maker, Amanda. You can check her blog here:

5. If we have a follow-up action or giveaway challenge after the event, we usually announce the winner 3 days after the event and ask them their detailed address. On the following day, we then send the gift to them.

That’s all. Do you think I missed anything? I always feel so good after an event that I think about it for the next day or two. Maybe you want to share your post-event blues?

See you next week!

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Sep 02, 2021

I remember when we planned and conducted our first event last year! After making this system, everything can be planned smoothly and faster! After-event challenge is my highlight for post-event blues :D

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