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Autocrat : Tutorial to Save Your Time

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Hi! Okta from DO-business team here!😉

One of the strategies for promoting online events in Indonesia is to give an e-certificate as appreciation. Sometimes it's challenging to send many certificates to hundreds of participants. Therefore, I recommend you Autocrat, an add-on in google sheet which can help you to do this conveniently. Autocrat can automatically generate and send every e-certificate so you can save a lot of time! I have used it many times when we held online events😁. In this blog, I will tell you the straight forward and simple steps about how to use it.

1. You have to log in with the same Gmail account both in the browser and google drive.

2. You have to collect all data, such as :

  • Participant information in your google sheet file.

  • Your certificate template in a google slide file. Don't forget to type a code for the name section like the following example. This is because Autocrat only can read information with this "<<….>>"

3. You click Add-ons on the toolbar and launch Autocrat. If you don't have autocrat just look for it in add-ons options then continue to install. Voila, you will see it in the drop-down menu.

4. After you launch Autocrat, you have to create a new job and give it a name. When you finish, click next.

5. Then choose the certificate template from the previous google sheet that you have prepared already.

6. Next, make sure the map source is correct according to your certificate template. Check if the merge tab is the sheet that you wanted to use as the source.

7. Once you have got all those setup, click next and give the file name. It will show up in every people's attached file that you are going to send. I suggest making the file name as <<Name>> Certificate. You are also better to choose 'pdf' as the file type.

8. You can click next and choose a destination folder to keep all of the e-certificate files that you will generate. Basically, you have to choose a folder in google drive.

9. You can skip the dynamic folder reference & merge condition section by clicking Next.

10. The next thing you have to do is to send out this certificate by email. Choose Yes in Share docs & send emails section. Then you will find extra information that you have to fill in according to your email content. Make sure you choose pdf as the file type, re-check the subject and body email. Simply, follow the instructions on your Autocrat screen.

11. Finally, you can run your Autocrat Job & wait until it is finished.

I hope this tutorial can be helpful for you. If you want to collaborate, please kindly send us an email to Don't forget to check our shop. Thank you so much and see you next week 😁👋🏽

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