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How to host an online event: promoting your event 😉

It’s Maya again from do-business and be-event team. In my previous blog, I shared some important points on how to approach potential partners. As I promised, I will share with you the follow-up actions after the introductory meeting with partners.

From the table above, I will try to break down the action points one by one.

* Last time we made a WhatsApp group for our collaboration partner. This is really helpful because every task and communication during the collaboration is easy to track with only using one platform.

* Don’t forget to share the minutes of the first meeting with the group. Ask all the members too if they have any comments or feedback.

* We usually discuss the topic, theme, and technicalities of the event in the first meeting. But if we haven’t decided yet, we usually initiate the second meeting and prepared some recommendations topics and speakers before the meeting. It’s time-efficient.

* What to do next is to promote our event. Talk to the media/publication team to prepare the design poster. For example, as you can see on the table above, our partner agreed to make a poster, zoom background, and certificate. Since has held several online events already, we send the sample designs to our partners, so it helps them as a guideline or reference.

* While waiting for the media team to design the poster. What we can do first is prepare the registration link because you need to attach it to the poster. In our case, has a website and we are using WIX. On our website, we can create an event page, so, the participants can directly register to our page and later on, we can send the email reminder automatically to the register. I think I will give you a tutorial on my next blog ✨🌻

* If you don’t have a website, don’t worry! You can still make a registration form using another platform such as Google, Microsoft, etc. Usually, both WIX and Google/MS form, they give us a long shared link. It doesn’t look nice when we put it on the poster. Therefore, we shortened the link using You can customize the URL that you want and done! You can share it with the media/design team and ask them to put it on the poster ✨

* The communication between two partners is important. Before we share the poster, make sure that it’s checked carefully. The common mistake that people do is they forget to attach the contact person to the poster. Some problems might occur during the event for example link error or the participants did not receive the zoom link. In our experience, most of the participants get the information through chain messages and they tend to get a quicker response. In this case, social media is not enough to give a follow-up information to the registered.

* You can also discuss with your partner if they have any recommendations or connections to be our media partner. We usually contact our previous partner and ask them to be our media partner, to promote our event. As the feedback, we will put their logo on the poster and give a free access to one of the member.

* After everything is checked, don’t forget to make a catchy message to promote your event. For example like the sample below ⤵️

Do not forget to ask your team to check the content before you spread it to your community, group, or social media 😉 we usually do the publication a week before the event ☀️

* While you’re gathering people to join your event, you can prepare the zoom meeting/webinar, participants’ group (we use WhatsApp, so, we create WhatsApp group as our communication tools and a new community in every events), attendance form, evaluation form, questions form (we use Slido to collect participants’ questions and it’s easier to read by the moderator/speaker during the event rather than using zoom chat column).

* Everyday, we check the registration form and update to collaboration group. If we got already more than 10 participants, we start to share the zoom meeting/webinar link and participants' WhatsApp group to the registrants through email. You can see the sample email here ⤵️

* We use WIX, so we can share it by using a feature called email marketing. I will give you the tutorial later. But if you use Google/MS form for example, you can download the excel file.


* After you download it, ‘copy’ all participants’ email and go to your email, click ‘BCC’, and ‘paste’ it. You can complete the new email and send it.

* Pay attention! I'm giving you hot tips here. Wait for a while, go to participants’ WhatsApp group, if some are joining the group already, greet them. Start a small conversation and ask them to also share the event poster. So, you will gather more participants 👻 . Do it repeatedly.

That’s already long! I may need to stop and continue on my next blog for the preparation part ✨👻

I believe some of you have already held an event before or joined as a participant. I want to know your experience preparing or attending the event in the comment section, what unforgettable moment did you experience when you were preparing for an event?

I hope I can read some of funny stuffs on my comment section 👹👹👹

Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your story! Hope you are staying safe there. See you on my next blog! 🥺

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