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How to host an online event: the event


It’s Maya from the be-event team.

If you have been following my blogs since the beginning, I have written about how we prepare an online event. BUT if you missed it, DON’T WORRY! You can still read the process of creating an online event here. Now I'm going to continue with what happens in chronological order:

1. Send an email reminder 2 hours before the event starts

2. Gather with the event committee at least 30 mins before the event starts to do a quick dry run for the moderator and speakers. Depending on how big the event is, you may want to do this the day before. This also ensures that the event starts on time or if there are any technical issues, we still have time to solve it. From our previous experiences, we will open the webinar/online event room 5 0r 10 minutes before, so we can greet the participants and have a casual chat with them.

3. We mostly used ZOOM as our online webinar/event platform. Some we used ZOOM premium subscription, but some we only used a regular ZOOM which only can invite 100 people. In that case, we usually inform the participants to come and join on time, so they can access the webinar. If some could not make it, we also communicated and asked for permission from our partners to connect ZOOM to Youtube LIVE, so that anyone can watch it. Moreover, this also can help those who already have another agenda or can’t join the webinar, as they can still watch the recordings on our Youtube channel.

4. When the event starts, we usually remind the participants to join the event through ZOOM that we shared the link through their email. If it’s LIVE on Youtube, we will also share the Youtube link of our event.

5. During the event, we had our committees who are ready and standing by during the event to document the event (screenshot the session), prepare any links needed to be shared on the ZOOM chatbox (website, social media platform, article, attendance form, etc). One hot tip that I can share with you if you don’t want to lose your participants in the middle of the webinar, please give the attendance form at the very end of the webinar hehe.

With so many online events, some people only join webinars for the certificates. We prevent this from happening by making sure everyone stays throughout the event.

6. After the event, do not forget to upload all speakers' slides, recordings of the event, certificate, and documentation. We usually share it with the participants' group.

This is long enough to explain how we conduct an online event. It is not finished yet! I still have the post-event do-s and don’t-s to share with my next blog. No question this time!

Stay safe and see you next week!

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