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How Can I Benefit Others?

Hi, everyone!

Indri here from THINK-Research Team ^^

By reading other blogs and giving comments, I think, helps me find a topic for my blog. If you're not giftmakers, do not hesitate to drop your comments in our blogs. We will reply! :D

I decided to write this topic after reading Okta's blog ( Fabian and Cynthia also wrote about happiness in their blogs (,

People will have different things that can be their happiness. Some will say that they will be happy when they can do something for others, while others will have other reasons. I remember that in Amanda's blog (, she asked a question about our life objective. In the comments, I wrote that when I was a high school student, I wrote this vision in my CV: 'to be beneficial for others'. I wrote that vision after reading a book which said 'the best of people are those who are most beneficial to people. If you learn about self-love, you will know that you cannot please everyone. But, we don't need to think about what we cannot control. So, we don't need to think if people will like it or not. We need to do something for others if we think we will be happy because of it.

Since high school, I have joined many organizations, volunteering, and events organizing. I spent weekends and holidays for my organizations and events. One day, my mom asked me, do I get money from my activities? Why did I join so many organizations? I said that I didn't get money. In fact, I spent my money on those activities. However, I felt satisfied and happy. There are so many intangible things from those events. After that time, my mom didn't ask me anymore. Time flies, and I learn that our parents will not say anything if their kids can explain their reason and goal :)

(When I was the coordinator of the first waste collection activity in my city. Personal collection)

Dr Takeshi ( CEO) said that he was motivated by a woman in Africa who said, 'don't just study, do something'. That's why in, we are not just workers; we are giftmakers (you can read this blog: In addition, in, there is a monthly evaluation. Each giftmaker will fill in the form and answer several questions. You can read this blog to know more details: One question asks about the "meaning" or "significance to the society" from our work in one month. It's another reason why I like working in We can learn new things, and we can do something for others.

Two weeks ago, I was invited to share my experience in the patriot energy program on Instagram Live. I worked on this program 5 years ago after I graduated from my bachelor program. This program was conducted by MEMR (Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources). After 5 years, they open this program again. In that event, I was asked what the best moment during the program was. I said that the best moment was when I could see the happy face of the villagers as they could use the electricity from solar PV for the first time. Also, I shared with them my experience in writing two essays when I applied for a scholarship. I needed to write an essay about the meaning of success in my life and the meaning of contribution. In both essays, I wrote that success in my life is when I can contribute to society or do something for others. In those essays, I wrote about my experience when seeing the happy face of the villagers in that program. From that moment, I learned that by doing something for others, we could get an experience. It is an important intangible thing that can help us in our life :)

(When I spent my days in a remote village and did some activities outside my work for the villagers. Personal collection)

I read some articles about pursuing happiness by helping others (, These articles explain why helping others is more rewarding than helping yourself and scientific studies show that helping others can boost your happiness. By doing something for others, you can increase your life satisfaction, improve your mood, and reduce stress. Helping others will connect our individual happiness with the wider community and societal wellbeing. Besides, in the Ikigai framework, we learn that we need to know what the world needs ( “Selfless giving, in the absence of self-preservation instincts, easily becomes overwhelming,” says Adam Grant, author of Give & Take. He said that it is important to be “otherish,” which he defines in the book as being willing to give more than you receive but still keeping your own interests in sight.

So, I'm curious to ask you, what is the meaning of success and contribution in your life?

Thank you for reading! :D

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5 commentaires

Oktavianna Winda
Oktavianna Winda
04 oct. 2021

When the community continues to do what I taught them, I consider it a successful contribution. When they continue to share their knowledge with a larger group, they have a greater impact in the end :D


13 sept. 2021

Agree with Tak, it is important to be happy even when in the middle of a storm. For me, as long as I am not a burden or a problem for others at least, that is my contribution to life. ;)


Meaning of my life I've been changing in different life stages. However it will be fundamentally being happy. Definition of being happy has been change in the different life stage and keep going!!!


"Time flies, and I learn that our parents will not say anything if their kids can explain their reason and goal :)" somehow I'm more hooked to this sentence, because my parents were at some point confused with how busy I was with activities. I totally relate Anyway, I resonate with this blog entirely. Now I try to give less thought about the size of my contribution and success. Instead I just want to learn things and share them along the way. Whether that is an instrument, language, or research.


09 sept. 2021

Good question! I think contribution is giving and doing something for someone from what I know or I have, but I havent find my definition of success yet :P

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