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Objectives: Zooming out before zooming in

Hi everyone! Amanda's here from think team!

The past month we’ve been reshaping our company a lot. From shifting our morning meetings to an hour later to rewriting how we plan our days. As you know we have to write our problems before we start working everyday

You also may know that we always change and adapt. That is part of why we do the monthly retreats, to find ways where we can always improve and carve our clearer path to our vision.

Anyway, so we decided to change our daily habits. Instead of stating our problem of the day, we state our long-term objective. Instead of just stating “done” at the end of the day. We need to post a daily reflection, alongside an emoji. Why so specific? That’s honestly my first judgment. Until I discovered my flawed point of view during the retreat.

In the retreat, I organized an activity where we each team has to write objectives for next quartile based on OKR. You can find the references here . Turns out, a lot of misunderstood what this meant. Many misunderstood Objective as measurable key results. Tak points out that objectives aren’t checkboxes, they are they “why”s not the “how”s. We shouldn’t do things for the sake of doing things. Objectives should be aspirational, but not a vague goal. Based on course on OKR , I learned a simple formula for exercise: .

start by defining 3-5 objectives. Use this formula: Verb + what you want to do + in order to/for/so that (what you hope to achieve) For example: Disseminate the best biogas system to help more farmers to get clean energy and climate education

This is why we started to write objectives daily for every action we write. To really connect our task however small and specific it is to our longterm goal. In a small company where there will be so many tiny tasks, it’s easy for it to become saturated and have it’s main purpose lost in the fog. By zooming out, I think I can feel better about every single task.

Not only is this helpful mentally, but it also steers the company in a way that everyone will always be rmeinded to work in the same direction. And perhaps within us, we all have an even bigger objective outside the ones in a company. So what is your life objective, to giftmakers, why did you really choose

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It is good to tell brain what you are doing - active instead of passive. This helps more effective learning and momorisation.


Oktavianna Winda
Oktavianna Winda
Aug 06, 2021

Same as Cynthia! I know what I don't want to do but still wondering about my life objectives. As for me, is the best place to wonder ;)


Aug 05, 2021

I like doing meaningful things, and I always want to do something that could benefit the humanity. Helping others makes me feels better! I don't aim for big things such as nobel and stuff, but I do wish to be able to do something that can help others being better!


Such a deep question to ask! I think my objective has changed over the years. My 9th grade self would really like to "change the world" and that hasn't changed. I quite like how abstract it is. I've just become less idealistic and rephrased it "being able to do what I can and love for myself and others". I think so far, I am still resonating to's core belief, as it is pretty much parallel to my life philosophy.


Aug 03, 2021

Thank you for providing the formula!

My life objective? Many years ago when I was a student, I wrote this vision in my CV 'to be beneficial for others' ^^

'Why did I choose'. When we interviewed applicants or when I talked to my friends, some of them asked this question. My answer is always the same: 'since I see and can learn how to do cool things in your works' :D

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