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Working at pt 6: a transparent office??

Hi all!

It’s Maya again from the do-business and be-event team!

Finally, I have finished the series of the 4th Sustainability and Resilience workshop, and don’t get bored because I will continue with my series of working at this time 🤪

Have you ever experienced working in a place with a completely transparent system?

But, what does this ‘transparent’ mean? ­­

In most organizations or communities, they use several platforms for group chats to keep in touch and to have a good communication with the team members. It is common for an organization to have more than one group. For example, in one organization, they usually have different group chats for general, per each department, and per project. However, it’s not what I experience in We only use one platform which is WhatsApp as a group chat to update our daily tasks, events, activities, informations, everything.

Yes! We have only one group chat to communicate and we called it Dojo!

I know ... I know! That’s also my first question when I joined the group chat. What does this Dojo mean?

It comes from the Japanese word, 道場, which means a place to learn, to study. It really does feel like it. From what I experience, I don’t feel that I’m working for a company right now. I feel like I keep getting new skills and learning something new from the other departments every day. So, the name Dojo fits the group very well.

The Dojo has been actively used by since the beginning. Having only one group chat has several purposes. One of them is to avoid groups within groups, including bullying.

The dojo is not only to update about work, but also the informal things too. For example, when there were many interns came to Bali, whenever they wanted to go and hangout somewhere, they can update it in Dojo if someone wanted to join. They can even upload the photos in the Dojo 🥳

From this transparency system, Dojo has taught me to be more disciplined, responsible, and communicative. How so? I will try to make it clear here:

1) Disciplined. Before we start working (usually in the morning for Indonesia team), we need to update, we called it as “Problem” and “Action”. The Problem concept is formed by the question ‘Why’. As our CEO told us, you should always question yourself with WHY for everything you do. It could be the current project or task that you have to finish due at a specific time. Once you know your why, finding the action becomes simpler. In order to solve the problem, you need to take some actions. These actions represent what you have to do to achieve and solve the problem. You can have a look at the picture below 🤓

2) Responsible. As we write our goals in Dojo, we need to update at the end of the day and follow up the progress whether it’s achieved, it needs improvement, or even it’s not achieved. I learned to own up to my actions.

3) Communicative. Remember that we have only one group chat, so, all the updates from clients/partners/customers or even if you make mistakes, you need to update in the Dojo. Through this system, other team members can understand what you do and give support if you have difficulties in achieving your goals.

There is still a lot to be shared. but I will combine the other stories in the next episodes. Thank you for reading my diary, my blog. See you on my next blog!

Note: I don’t really read the updates of corona virus but I hope you are staying safe and healthy there! ^^

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Dr Takeshi Takama (CEO)
Dr Takeshi Takama (CEO)
04 de mar. de 2021

These photos should be in our manual ;-). Good reflection, thanks!

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