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Happiness at workplace

Salut mes amis! This is Cynthia from Think-team!

For the last week, I have been learning about a programming class in European time, 6 hours behind Bali time. During the pandemic, I was excited that I could involve in activities while doing my PhD related to one of the's project, TIPPING+. Despite the tiredness, I still find this still enjoyable somehow.

There are many media showing how to maintain your health and relax during your tight schedule, including exercise or just talk to your friends. Here is the example.

However, in my case, how can I keep going despite the tiredness and stress at work?

Once upon a time before the pandemic, I was excited to meet my old friends in the weekend that I have not met for years. However, they suddenly canceled the appointment so I was confused how to spend the rest of my weekend. Well, it might sound cocky, I then decided to work then as it was my early days learning climate change.

While I was happy because I work based on the framework of Ikigai (I shared it here), I recently encountered a research paper that discusses the correlation between happiness, meaningfulness, and learning in a workplace.

Regarding learning, this paper quoted:

Moreover, renowned researchers such as Hackman and Oldham (1980) and Meijman and Mulder (1998) argued that organizations that offer learning opportunities to employees and facilitate learning processes are able to arouse positive states of mind, resulting in engaged, satisfied, committed and happy workforce.

Regarding meaningful work, the authors also shared:

Scholars have also identified that meaningful work in terms of workplace or job characteristics that promote self-actualization and/or work that considers employees’ imagination and creativity evokes happiness at work (Fairlie, 2011;Hoole and Bonnema, 2015;Scroggins, 2008). This makes work more interesting and employees perceive their performance as beneficial to the organization and encourage well- being (Dahiya, 2020a;Fairlie, 2011; Ahmedet al., 2016 ).

At this part, it reminds me how exciting to see that we progressively define our OKR of our company so that every member could find their task beneficial for our company.

If I may know, could you share the happiest moment when you work? Apart from pay day ;)

Thank you for reading!

Further reading:

Dahiya R, Raghuvanshi J (2021) Happiness at work: a multi-criteria decision-making approach. J Indian Bus Res ahead-of-print:

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