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Do you have any privileges?

Hi everyone! I'm Indri from Research Team and can occasionally be from Do-Engineering and Be-Event Team.

Today is our last working day in 2020. We'll have a 10-days holiday, and we'll work and start the new year on 5th January 2021. For Be-Event, we had our last online event of this year yesterday, collaborated with @patunganlistrik. The topic was affordable energy for communities in the rural area. One of member (Fabian) was one of the speakers who shared the story of our biogas and project activities. Then, one of @patunganlistrik member was the last speaker who talked about free electricity for people in remote areas.

Both organisations have the same idea to close the gap in clean energy and electricity access for people in Indonesia. gives free biogas for coffee and cacao farmers and @patunganlistrik gives free electricity (from solar power) to people in rural areas. If you want to know story and benefits of biogas project, you can visit this link and this one. The last speaker (from @patunganlistrik) shared a story when they travelled using a helicopter or a ship to deliver the renewable energy materials because the location was a remote island. People used the communal diesel power or even only a petromax lamp for lighting. Electricity is essential since it can be an enabler for other sectors, such as economy, social, and environment.

After that event, I think about a privilege. What comes to your mind when you hear 'a privilege'?


Until a few years ago, I didn't think about privilege or how my life might a privilege for others. I remember when I attended the orientation program in my Bachelor and a speaker told that we (the freshman) should think about a privilege. In 2010, there were less than 10% of Indonesian population who could afford the high educational program. Then, in 2016, when I worked on renewable energy program and lived in a remote village for 6 months, I knew that more than 500 villages in one city (in a rural area) didn't have electricity access. Yesterday, I also heard from my friend that in North Maluku (the eastern part of Indonesia), people haven't got a subsidy program on clean cooking fuel (gas). They still rely on kerosene and they get kerosene only every 3 weeks. The common thing that we use everyday may a privilege for others in a different location or situation.

Now, I think I should keep in my mind that my life might a privilege for others.

The next question is, what should we do if we get some privileges in our life?

If you read the story of, you should know that we have a vision to be the giftmaker for the earth. We're not only just study (research, publication, and think activities), but do something (do and be activities). In, we have some activities. If you want to know more, you can apply for our internship program and you will be a part of our story.

Happy Holiday everyone!

Stay Healthy!

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Well said!! As usually, we forget what we have and think too much on what do not have. This should be opposite.

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