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Biogas: creating the future with ancient technology

Hello again! This is Natasha from think-team.

When talking about fighting climate change, the first things come to mind are probably those modern inventions we believe will help reduce carbon emissions - carbon capture and storage system (CCSS), wind turbines, solar cells, you name it. Among those technologies, there is actually one coming from the 16th century which still exists today and most likely will have a lot to offer for our future too. Yes, that’s true. That technology is biogas.

The beauty of biogas lies in its simplicity. I see biogas as the most down to earth renewable technology that ever exists. Besides, I personally think that biogas is one of those things in the world that no matter from what angles you see them, you will only see good things. I created Fig. 1 when studying about Indonesian domestic biogas program, inspired by my visit to Ciporeat village.

If you are a climate activist, you would see that biogas helps reduce GHG emissions. If you are an environmentalist, you would see that biogas technology helps improve the quality of the environment. If you care about rural communities, you would see that biogas helps improve the quality of lives of the locals. The list goes on and on. But, recently I noticed that there is one thing I missed out when creating Fig. 1.

I missed out on carbon offsetting business potential that biogas clearly has abundantly. At that point, I wasn’t aware that carbon offsetting business is a thing. But after joining, now I can see the potential to profit off of carbon offsetting business though biogas technology. In fact, is currently developing and improving its biogas system to be traded in the carbon offsetting market. Tak has talked about applying blockchain technology to ease biogas’ carbon offset tracking and transaction.

As the carbon offset demand is increasing worldwide, certainly this business has become a green pasture.

Japan Carbon Offsetting Situation (Source: [1])

The point I want to say is that if you are a business person, now you might also see a beauty in biogas technology which is to generate profit from biogas-based carbon offsetting business which again proves my believe that no matter from what angles or what lenses do you wear, you could only see good things in biogas technology. has more to offer beside biogas. Visit’s shop for more info!


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