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Working at pt 15: building your company's exposure


I’m Maya from Be-Event & Training. In this blog, I won't actually continue my vision blog series. Instead, I will share with you tips and what I experience working in .

If you have been following my blog since the beginning, I mentioned several times that I love volunteering. Being in Bali, most of the NGOs have volunteering programs. I often got questions from the other volunteers about where I work, why I join the volunteering program, and how I manage my time. Simply, because I love to connect with more people and communities.

I realized that joining a volunteering program is more than using your spare time to do a social activity or contributing something to that organization. I got to develop my communication skills and establish connections. The volunteering experience also helped me a lot of with what I am doing in my workplace, building and introducing what we are doing to people out there.

Here are tips on gaining exposure that I would like to share with you. Note that it’s based on my experience. If you have other experience of developing a community exposure, feel free to share it in the comments section below this blog ^^ I would like to learn it from you too!!

Let’s get back to the steps of how we can get more exposure from people!!

1. Come to a community event

Before the global pandemic, most of the organizations in Bali used to hold events such as fundraising, social activities (beach clean-up, planting trees, sustainable technology installation, etc), training and education programs for those in need, and many more. Apart from meeting new friends and building a connection, in this event, you can also introduce what you are doing or where you are working and show your support to that organization. You are one step ahead to connect and get exposure from there.

2. Become a media partner

During the global pandemic, most of the events or activities shifted online. Some organizations started to organize monthly webinars or other online training programs. This is a good opportunity for you to approach the organizer and support them as a media partner. This is beneficial for you and your community to get exposure, to connect more with their community and participants.

3. Create an event collaboration

I learned from our giftmaker, Indri, as she had held so many events at that time. She joined some environmental organizations and became a speaker for many webinars. She taught all the giftmakers how to approach some organizations that have the same vision and mission as us or organizations that focus on environmental issues and climate change. We learned to identify the organization and observed those who have a weekly or monthly webinar. Then, we reached and approached them to have an event collaboration.

You can also read my blog on how to do it in detail but this is also a good step to get the organization exposure.

4. Connect through social media and other online platforms

This is the next step after you do a step no 1 - 3. You can use your organization's social media to promote your collaboration or partnership program. For example in your organization's social media account e.g. Instagram, post their activity on the Instagram story so your partner can repost it on their account. You can also create an engagement and interactive activity like making a quiz or challenge where you can invite more social media users to promote your program. It’s easy and let’s try!

5. Blog writing

If your organization has a website, developing a blog contribution as a community engagement is one of the best ways for your organization to get exposure. As you may know, technology is moving and growing so fast. Especially in this global pandemic era where people are spending most of their time in front of their gadgets to learn something, or just to kill their time. This method is also good to promote what you are doing through the global world. People can also easily learn something from your blog just by hitting or searching some of the specific topics through a search engine like Google.

I hope these experiences can give you more references to gain exposure. I’m happy that I can share with you again some of the tricks of marketing in this blog. Stay safe and see you again on the next blog!

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