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Working at pt 13: Workplace or College?

How are your days going?

Hope everything is good!

Hi again!

Welcome to my diary and it’s Maya here from the do-business and be-event team 😊. I am now living in Bali and because of the pandemic, I decided not to travel outside Bali. It’s been 1.5 years since the last time I went back home. I miss my parents and my friends who are mostly in Java, but I can cover it up by having a video call once a week.

Update about the current pandemic situation in Indonesia, Bali has already opened the border. As long as you follow the Covid-19 travel regulations, you can visit and enjoy Bali 😉

Anyway, I live in Pererenan, an area next to Canggu, the tourist hotspot. A few weeks ago, I went to a small restaurant to have a Jazz Night and recognized that there were a lot of domestic tourists. My phone was buzzing a lot with messages from my friends in Java. Basically, some of my friends contacted me and told me that they wanted to experience ‘Work From Bali’. Speaking about Work From Bali, recently, the Indonesian government had made a regulation that the civil servants are allowed to work remotely from here which was aimed to support Bali’s tourism. To put it briefly, they canceled it because it’s controversial and caused some issues.

But, since the news aired, the number of Indonesians coming and work from Bali is increasing. Including my friends. So finally, I got the chance to meet my friends and catch up on everything. We updated about our work and activities.

Most of my friends in Bali work in small companies or NGOs which share similar experiences with me (the challenges and the systems). Meanwhile, I got different stories and experiences from my friends who work outside Bali, particularly in a big city and working in a corporate or a big company. Of course, the culture is different.

The more I hear about my friends’ stories, the more I realize that I work in not only a small company, but also a unique company. Working in is like you are in a college. I feel like a college student working on some projects and get paid 😜

How so?

I felt it more during the pandemic. As we work remotely, we tried so many things and tools to make everything run efficiently and well even though we are in different countries.

Here, I breakdown our activities so that you can feel and experience virtually our '' activities 😜

1. In 2020, we had a weekly presentation on Wednesdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, we had a presentation from our CEO about SDGs and on the Friday slot, one of us would present about what we’re working on in e.g. project or intern’s experiences.

2. In 2020, we had a language class after the end of the day meeting where the Japanese interns taught us about the Japanese language and culture, and so did Indonesian members. So, it’s not only language but also a culture exchange program at the end. It was really fun! 😍

3. In 2020, based on the evaluation and to improve everyone’s contribution, we have an exchange program where we send one of our team members to join morning and afternoon meetings in another department. For example, my schedule is on Thursday, I have to join the meeting on research team meeting every Thursday. This is so that everyone knows what’s going on in this company and where we can contribute/support ☺️

4. In 2020, we developed our new website and everyone had to contribute to moving and updating the content from the old website. We had a website hackathon and everyone had to update the time to edit the website.

5. In 2020, everyone had a contribution to the new website. We have a blog page and since then, each of us has a schedule to write a blog. Fyi, because of, I finally wrote a blog. It was challenging at the beginning especially on how to decide the topic that I’ll bring next, but now, I think it’s easier and I like it. This is also one of my tools to improve my English :)

6. In 2021, our CEO made a business plan book. We test our knowledge about this book everyday at the end-of-the-day meeting. Since everyone also has a blog, we also have the authors do a quiz to encourage everyone to read each other's blogs. So every day, we have a manual quiz and blog quiz. I really enjoy this!

7. In 2021, recently, our founder just initiated another quiz but using an online form instead of verbally. It’s about the SDGs but still related to our founder blog. This aims to increase everyone's knowledge about the topic so that we all can host our own SDGs lecture for our upcoming events.

From those activities, which one do you want to experience the most if you get the chance to join Please share it in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading my diary, I will share with you more stories and the uniqueness of working in next week!

See you!!

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