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[vision] The truth about sustainability business and the 5 steps to pitch.

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

We have only two more SDGs classes at Clark High School, which we do every Friday. Since this year, we have asked them to think about not only sustainable masks, but also other activities using the Five Steps to achieve the vision we have been teaching. We then asked them to talk about it in their presentation pitch in another Five-Step.

One student told us that she wanted to reduce the use of plastic bottles and introduce drink servers into high schools instead of plastic bottles, thereby eliminating the use of plastic bottles. The solution is not new, it's just to replace the school's vending machines with drink servers. But I think it's a great idea. The school could simply ask the vending machine supplier to install a drinks server, without any additional work, and maybe even increase their income.

This is what most of the so-called social entrepreneurs do. They simply use marketing to highlight the sustainability aspects of ordinary business. They are merely doing normal business with sustainability as a selling point. However, because it uses existing technologies and business models, it is likely to be less expensive to implement and more successful as a business. And, importantly, if there is already a business that makes society more sustainable, there is nothing wrong with pushing that one. Ideas that do not work properly as a business will be weeded out in the long run, and society will not benefit. So we just need to sell what is working as a business from a different perspective. Especially high school students, who are in a position where they don't have to overthink profit, can work on places that look more interesting such as marketing (^^).

In her presentation, she went through the five steps of the business pitch.

The problem and the solution

To reduce the problem of plastic bottle waste by introducing drink servers into schools.

Market size:

The city population of her and partner student. (we later talked about how it might be better to focus on high school students).


She has been using my bottle and has been learning about the SDGs by taking my classes.


There already have shampoo and other products sold by weight, so I think we could do something similar.

Business model:

She thinks that by not using plastic bottles, we can reduce the container's cost and increase the profit margin.


Her and her teacher at Clark High School!

It was straightforward, but I think it's good because it's simple. The first step should be to do what you can.

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