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[vision] Learning life-changing framework namely backcasting

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Hi this is Takeshi CEO of and I am teaching 200 high school sometimes.

The lastFriday was the last time I taught sustainability at Clark High School n 2020. I wasn't expecting much because it was a special session and I had told them to come after the end of the school day if they had time. Students who came after the end of the school day were very motivated.

One of them is a student who has designed a mask that reduces the amount of waste by replacing only the part of the mask that touches the mouth, which we have mentioned several times here. Last week we didn't get a chance to show her the mask she had made, and she wanted to get some feedback on it. The mask she made for us was so perfect that we thought we could make a product out of it. And last but not least, we asked her to explain her vision for the mask.

Vision: To reduce carbon dioxide emissions through masks.

Why: Because of the corona pandemic and the rapid production of disposable masks, we thought burning them would increase our carbon footprint.

From which experience: I see people burning rubbish and it doesn't make me feel good. Then, I researched and found out that Japan has a very high percentage of incinerated waste compared to other developed countries.

When she started to talk, I thought she would mix up the rubbish problem and carbon dioxide emission. Still, when she started to talk, she had researched rubbish and the problem of incinerated rubbish, so there was no logical fallacy.

She told me that she was very happy to have taken this course. She's a very bright kid, and she's even the student council president. But she's had many difficulties in her leadership, and she didn't know how to identify problems and find solutions. She wished she had known about this backcasting framework at that time. Hearing these words from her, I was also really happy to do this activity. I was quite nervous about teaching 200 high school students. It was also challenging to create this backcasting framework. It's still not perfect, but knowing that there are high school students out there who think they've learned a life-changing framework is one of the top ten news stories of the year.

We'll polish it up and make sure more people think like this ;-)

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