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No Farmers, No Food, No Future: My Vision Board Pt 3

If you haven’t been following my blog about how I visualize my dreams, YOU SHOULD READ IT FIRST NOW, because I will remind you how it aligns with what I’m doing now.


It’s Maya again from Be-Event and Training team.

Let’s have a look again at my vision board below.

Can you spot which pictures fit this blog’s title?

When I'm told to make dreams, I am always crazy and challenge myself to make the impossible possible. I never think ‘WHY’ (>,<). Whenever I see something cool, pretty, or impactful to others (as I love to contribute something to society), I’ll find a way to make it happen.

In 2019, I worked for an NGO called Future Farmers Indonesia where our team collaborated with one remaining Agriculture School in Bali. The school is located in the center of Bali, in Pelaga, Petang. 90% of the students’ parents are farmers. However, most of the parents did not support the kids to go and continue their farming job. They supported their kids to find a job or continue their studies in the tourism industry. Our program was to educate and give an overview of how important the agriculture industry is in the future to the parents, farmers around the area, kids, and teachers. Other than that, we also give workshops such as product development, marketing, and organic farming.

Long story short, it was such an amazing experience for me to work with FFI because I also got a chance to see and learn from other partners that supported our activities.

Those experiences lead me to create similar dreams and initiatives, to help farmers, to connect more communities. I never said I don’t want to have a farm but for now, I'd rather help farmer communities and introduce their produces to the potential market.

This dream is getting closer to me. In 2020, my good friend and I made a small business for fun called Kita.Anterin. We wanted to help farmers because we knew at that time they were struggling with no buyers at the market due to the pandemic. We also wanted to create an effective system where people can stay at home but can get their daily needs. Up until now, we are still running the business and even got a lot of supporters. By the end of 2021, I got to engage some farming and permaculture communities such as Sandan Natural, Astungkara Way, and Jiwa Community Garden, where they can contribute to giving education to our farmers’ community on how to minimize chemical uses.

My team also thought that was a really good opportunity for us and our community. We started to think about how we can make this community bigger, so we can contribute and help more farmers. Lately, my team and I are developing and strengthening our foundation. We went to farmers’ villages every week, connected them with some NGOs in Bali to do socialization about organic farming, waste management, and sustainable business. In the future, we also want to create a sustainable community. I saw that people now are not only craving for a ‘just’ holiday. Since the global pandemic came, everything’s changed. The tourist was not anymore looking for an ordinary place or destination, but something more experiential. Thus, we have the vision to connect them to our community. To have people coming over to not only attend workshops, but also contribute to developing sustainable communities through projects.

I was afraid and confused last year with my time management, how I can still contribute to but also be able to run my projects. This year, I received a piece of good news from the CEO, Tak after my contemplation. He encourages all of the gift makers to have a second job. I think this is also a good opportunity for me to connect more communities and what I’m doing right now. I’m happy that I can also share these experiences with other NGOs or companies because this culture is not yet common among NGOs and companies here.

It’s been a month I am still learning how to prioritize tasks and to maintain my time management. So, there are no boundaries to continue your dreams.

I hope you can get new insights and inspiration from my experience. Thank you and be safe!

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