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Exploring Bali's Water Crisis: My Vision Board pt 2

Nice to see you again!

I am Maya from be-event and training team.

If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, you know that I have created a bunch of series and mostly about my experiences in Bali. Recently, I created a new series, I named it a vision board series. Exactly last week, I finally told everyone of how my dreams, one by one became real. How I manifested my dream just through a wall. Can you imagine how simple is it?

I promised on my previous blog to share my dreams which some have already become a reality. You can see on my vision board a kid holding a jerry can and giving a drink to his little brother. The fun fact of this picture was on my phone since 2017. I found it through Pinterest in the middle of the night while I was thinking about how could I contribute to a social impact.

Not long after, the universe repeatedly gave me a sign. One of Instagram influencer that I followed has a water project in remote area in Indonesia and at that time, it was in Sumba. The initiative called The Water House Project. She goes back and forth to Sumba to install and check the water tank and filter in the remote area of Sumba. It motivated me to also run that kind of project where I can make a community and contribute directly to the field.

A few years ago, I moved to Bali. I started to work in an NGO and have been joining a volunteering program since then, 2019. I made a connection, friend, and community. From my journey, I met one of my good friends, Radhya. She introduced me a lot to social enterprise and community since the beginning I moved to Bali. She also told me how to build a relationship and how to contribute something to people around here. She introduced me to Terra Water Indonesia and its volunteering program.

It’s a water filter provider based in Bali. They also have a program to distribute and give free clean water to a community in need in Bali. I joined their volunteering program several times. I got to see the condition of Bali water issues, how to connect and educate Balinese in some rural areas in Bali about the importance of consuming clean water for their daily needs.

Even though Bali is well known as the most visited tourist destination in the world, we do still have issues, especially environmental issues like water. As a giftmaker in the Be-Event & SDG Training, our homework is to connect these initiatives to work together. Our homework is not only to educate the locals but also to bring this topic to our communities, inside or outside Bali to find the solutions and work together.

Last year, in December 2021, we got a chance to collaborate with Terra Water Indonesia for our Daiki Axis Japan Training Program. If you don’t already know, has an SDG Training Program where participants can see the reality and learn the environmental and climate change problem in Indonesia, especially in Bali. The output of the program is to observe the problems and to find the solutions to environmental issues through a campaign video or final presentation/project.

There’s one interesting activity we learned with Terra Water Indonesia: CBT (Compartment Bag Test) test. We have never done any water test before in our area in Canggu. If you want to know, here are the steps of the CBT test:

1. Get some water that you want to test. In our case, we took Subak water at our farmer’s area in Munggu, Bali.

2. Open the powder growth medium packs and pour them into a 100ml bag

3. Pour the water into a 100ml bag and mix it

4. After you mixed it, pour it into Aquagenx Compartment Bags

5. Check 24 hours and 48 hours to see the result

And here’s the result:

If you want to read about the Aquagenx CBT test or you want to test the water yourself, you can also learn more here:

We were not so surprised by the results, as we previously received a presentation from Terra Water Indonesia regarding their field experience. It has raised our awareness of water consumption issues in Bali.

I’m happy that I can visualize my dream and contribute something even though starting with a small action.

Anyway, these are just some of my experiences volunteering and working in a social enterprise. I will share more stories again where you can also connect with some of the good initiatives in Bali.

Hope you are staying healthy there. See you on my next blog!

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