My Vision Board: Manifesting My Dreams Through a Wall

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Hi everyone!

It’s me again Maya from the be-event team.

I’ve been handling a lot of events lately and organizing more so I have so much to shareee 🤩🤯.

So stay tuned, don’t miss out any of it! 🤫

Today, I want to share about how I manifested my dreams one by one. I created my vision board. I was inspired by two of my friends namely Flo and Fabian (our gift makers), to list down all my wishes in a book and then print it out and stick them to a wall/board. It could be anything from going to Disneyland to becoming a conductor, they told me that no dream is too big. As I want to do a lot in my life, they told me it’s important to remind myself what they are, and even better, to see them every single day.

So one day, I scrolled through Pinterest, saved all the images that represent my dreams, and printed them. Vision boards are meant to be personal, something I cannot ask other people to help me (except for cutting and sticking maybe).

Here is my wall right now:

I was told that by making this, the dreams will all eventually come true. I did wonder if this was possible, how could adding a bunch of pictures to my room do anything? 🤔

But slowly, I am seeing them come to life and the realization shocks me every single time.

They say that if you have an idea, it will only occur once you write it down. Because that’s when you make the commitment, when it’s no longer just in your mind. And because you see it everyday, you slowly pay attention to anything around you that is similar.

For example, one of my wishes is to be able to provide drinking water to those in need. Two weeks ago, my friend, Radhya, invited me to join her in providing water filters to rural villages in Bali. I didn’t think about her back when I made the vision board, she just messaged me at the right moment.

I learned a lot from my volunteering activity. I really wanted to share with you what I got and will make it into blog series (next week blog).

Back to vision board, if you look closely, I put “export” in my vision board. This is because I was organizing my first export in and I was so worried about the process, I want to make sure I actually succeeded. And it did!

Last example for now, I wanted to do more farming. I used to also work in an NGO that helped farmers, but I never really farmed. But now I’ve been volunteering every Wednesday to do this. Best of all, I’m learning something new everyday!

Maybe you’re thinking, but why do you need to print these pictures?

For me, maybe if I never printed these pictures it would all stay as an imagination. I was pushed to do this, because then I become really motivated to achieve my dreams. To actually look for ways to achieve it. It’s only been a few months and I have achieved some.

There are other dreams that I don’t know yet how to achieve, such as being a composer 🎼🎹🥁🪘🎷🎺🪗🎸🪕🎻, or owning an Orca 🤣. But now, I’m even more motivated to add new dreams because the possibility is endless! taught me that, the vision doesn’t have to be end goal.

It doesn’t have to make sense now. It shouldn’t. I recommend anyone to make their vision board and truly find what they like in life. So, what would your vision board look like?

What’s the first photo that you will print?

Thanks for reading! I hope you get inspired to dream big from this post. It’s never too late! DREAM BIG. NO. BIGGER! 💫

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