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Gardening Kit from Efarming Indonesia

Hello, Okta from Business team is here 🙋‍♀️

We received a gardening kit from our partner, Efarming Indonesia ( They provide a learning platform for Indonesians who want to do gardening but don't know how to start, especially for urban residents with limited land for gardening. They are based on Instagram and conduct online seminars to provide easy access for more people. They have been building their online community by holding many seminars and workshops and hope to meet the need of Indonesians who want to start gardening & carry the concept of 100% organic method😊

Gardening Kit from Efarming Indonesia

Last week, I met Norm, the owner of Eco Lodge and we talked about many things together (it will be another topic that I'll write in my future blog hehe). He showed us around his permaculture also his vegetable garden and it made me realize that actually I'm starting to be very passionate about food, particularly where does it come from because for me it's very important to understand it. Food is not only about taste but also the nutrients, bacteria and how does it will help us to build more sustainable life in return. I have surrounded by a great supporting system to feed my curiosity. The place where I live own by a Balinese farmer located in the middle of an agricultural area. I mostly start my day by meeting with some farmers that nurture their farms every morning. It's very exciting!😋

A few weeks ago, I have made compost with a simple method. All of the food waste from our kitchen goes to the bucket along with dried leaves & rice husk. Later I will make Ogakuzu compost too😉

My Compost Bucket

I also cultivated the seeds from in a small tray and after they get bigger I moved them to pots.

My Vegetables

For those who read this blog, don't hesitate or afraid to start gardening. No matter how small the space that you have! Click here to contact, they would be happy to discuss all things about gardening with you!😌

I have this short-term goal to have a little organic garden and build nutritious soil for my plants. Let's see where this would take me. See you on my next blog!👋🏽😁

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