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[Bali life] I teach you how to make Ogakuzu Compost in 3 mins!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I made an ogakuzu (sawdust) compost in a tote bag. It's effortless and takes only three minutes to make.

Here's what you'll need:

  1. A tote bag with a zip to prevent insects coming in. Because composting is an aerobic fermentation process, we need a breathable bag. So please use a breathable cloth bag, not leather or plastic.

  2. A strong paper bag to keep the compost in the tote bag. I used a paper shopping bag which I just got free.

  3. Ogakuzu (Sawdust)

  4. About 300 grams of waste.

The method is straightforward.

Put the sawdust in the paper bag.

Put the paper bag inside a tote bag. Put the rubbish in and mix a bit. If necessary, cover the waste with extra ogakuzu. The first food waste I put in was the mango peel from the mango syrup I described yesterday.

Zip it up, and you're done!!

Just repeat this every day. I have large compost bins, but I'm going to try this ogakuzu compass (^^).

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