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[Bali life] How to make a mango syrup from a wild tree!

Hi This is Takeshi, CEO of on holiday!

We've also decided to close our office for ten days, as we've switched to 100% remote working so that people won't be coming to our office/home anyway, but there will be no meetings at all. So, I can do what I want!! I've started to do a few things I've meant to do.

The straightest tree in the middle of the photo is the mango tree.

There were some big trees here before we started living here, one of them is a mango tree.

The trunk of the mango tree was attached with a large iron ring to tether a cow. I don't know if it was because of the ring, but when I moved here 4 years ago the tree looks so weak that I feared it would die, and there were only sparse leaves and mango fruits. I started collecting compost and fallen leaves around the tree. Now, four years later, it is doing very well. The tree is so straight that we put a shower on it to wash our surfboards and saltwater after beach time.

I've heard that mangoes produce differently every other year, but every year the mango tree produces more and more fruits, and this year we've had an excellent harvest. At first, we used to make mango syrup when we got two or three pieces of the fruit, but then we got so many that we had to freeze them, and the freezer was overwhelmed. I think I had about 100 mangoes in my freezer. We use about a third of them to make mango syrup. The mangoes are not the size of a baby's head as we know them in a shop. My mangos are about the size of a fist. It is also very fibrous and not suitable for eating. However, they are very juicy and smell much better than the mangoes you buy in the shops. The mango is a member of the lacquer family, so it smells a bit like lacquer, doesn't it? My mangoes in this house do not smell like lacquer at all. It smells very fruity, and the juice is delicious. The juice is very thick and can be made into a syrup with sugar.

When frozen and thawed, the peel comes off easily.

Once peeled, the flavoured part can be scraped off with a knife or squeezed out by hand if it's too much work. The high water content makes it easy to make a bowl full of juice.

When the juice has been scraped off, it is particularly fibrous so that the fibres have to be pulverised in a blender.

The juice is then gently boiled in a saucepan with enough sugar to preserve it.

Afterwards, the fibres are passed through a net and that's it.

Isn't it easy? Try it, but not many people have this mango tree (^^;) If you really want to try this mango syrup, please come to!

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11. Jan. 2021

it looks delicious!

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