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[daydream believer] Bentz, J. (2020). Learning about climate change in, with and through art.

Hi This is Takeshi, CEO of ;-).

I promote output-based education, but as we grow older, we don't have time for input. That's not good, so I try to read as much as I can. Combination of input and output is the key to learning.

On a related note, I read this impressive piece of literature. Our staff and I have written about the integration of art and science here on the blog. Akane and Indri were writing about sustainability in art. I wrote some learning in and with art (e.g. here and there). Fabian was writing about learning through art (e.g. here and there) as well as my Clark school. This paper is about using art to teach Climate Change.

There are three ways of thinking about using art: the first way is to use comics and illustrations to introduce people to the issue of climate change in the art; the second way is to use art to facilitate climate change with the art as interdisciplinary activities. The art is used as a communication tool between people of different backgrounds and ideas, such as community engagement.

The third approach is to use art as part of a transdisciplinary tool. The third use is to use art as part of a transdisciplinary tool, which of course requires a longer time than the first two. This approach is an activity that concentrates on making art and changing students' attitudes towards climate change through art. Ultimately, we don't know what children's views on climate change will be. But isn't that what education is all about? It's not about implanting obvious ideas in their heads. I believe that change needs to be a collaborative creation between teacher and student.

Last Friday was my last sustainability lesson of this year at Clark High School (e.g. here). In retrospect, it was a process-focused education that allowed the students and teacher group to develop their problem-finding skills through an artistic activity of making sustainable masks. Next year we will start again in January. Of all the activities I did this year, this was one of the proudest.

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