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Lessons from K-Drama and K-Pop Artist

Hi! I am Indri from THINK-Research Team but occasionally I can be a part of DO-Engineering or BE-Event Team :D

I think since pandemic happened, people started to subscribe to Netflix or watch Korean Drama or Singers, especially in Indonesia. We can see some public figures posted some dramas on their social media. Of course, there are some moral values or life lessons that we can get from those films or dramas. I used to watch Korean Drama once per year and I did not follow K-Pop singers or songs. But since pandemic happened, I started to watch more K-dramas and Korean variety shows. From those, I know K-Pop Singers and Songs. I know it will spend times, so I just watch only a few ones that are good (in my opinion). Are you a marathon or ongoing team for watching K-dramas? :p

Some Korean Dramas in 2020

Besides films or dramas, I even read news and articles about Korean dramas or artist! When I read their news and articles, I often read about an actor/artists/singer who donates their money for charity, humanity, or social activities. For example, actor A donated his money for COVID19 vaccines or singer B gave her money for children with special needs in Korea. Every week we can find news or articles about this. I thought 'is it important to show our good deeds or to know people good deeds?'

Donation Picture from

I read an interesting article from The Korea Times about donation culture in Korea. You can read on this link. It's written by a student of Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies. She described how the donation culture has changed and what's the meaning and effect of donation in Korea. The era of crude collection boxes has given way to fun and fancy campaigns inviting people to join. So, I think that the public figure as the trendsetter in Korea, so news or articles of K-Drama artists or K-Pop singers will affect their vision, behaviour, or activities. Also, it can affect the donation culture of people in Korea. Nowadays, donation campaigns using creative visual aids or other installations to draw potential contributors' attention can be found everywhere. Besides that, we have to know the real meaning of the campaign and know how the donations will be used.

A few months ago, we started Japanese and Indonesia crowdfunding. You can read this to know more details about Japanese crowdfunding. You also can check our homepage to check the links for our crowdfunding. For Indonesia crowdfunding, we extend the due date to be 31st December 2020. You can check the description on kitabisa link to get more details of this program. If you cannot understand the Indonesian language on that page, don't worry, I will write the description below :D

Biogas for farmers in Indonesia is launching our campaign to install biogas digesters for farmers in Indonesia. Donate to help us get more farmers to access to clean energy 🌱

People are still using wood as their primary energy source for cooking in rural areas of Indonesia. In fact, 32% of the Indonesian rural population still depends on traditional biomass for cooking (IEA, 2018)


Using wood for cooking activities causes pollution, which can cause severe respiratory disorders. These unhealthy activities negatively affect not only the environment but also people’s personal health 😓

Indonesia has huge potential agriculture and livestock sector that can be utilised for biogas. We want to improve farmers’ quality of life by installing biogas in their homes. They can cook using the biogas and also get organic fertilizer from bioslurry — multiple benefits from just one change 🌱☺️

We have already installed 27 biogas digesters for farmers in Bali and Bajawa. We want to keep this momentum going and install even more! 😊

For this, we need your help. In three easy steps, you can contribute to cleaning up our communities and improving the health of our farmers and planet:

1. Click this link to support this program

2. Share this campaign with your friends and networks

3. Subscribe our website

4. Check our biogas projects and publications here

5. Be a part of our journey to be the giftmakers for the earth by applying for the internship program

I know that publishing or not publishing our good deeds depend on the preference. But I think we can agree that we should do or give something to the community and the earth :)

Thank you. Stay healthy everyone!

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I am learning that the donation cultures are different between nations.

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