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Japanese Crowdfunding

It’s Masaki from Do-Business team!

we have conducted crowdfunding in Japan with Living in Peace for the past 2 months, and today is the last day for that campaign. This campaign totally succeeded: we could achieve our goal in about a first week, and 91 backers support us for 726,500 JPY in total so far. I really appreciate it!!

The crowdfunding campaign is the first step to spread's great work to the Japanese people. We continue to work in order to deliver the biogas digesters and climate field schools as a "gift" to more Indonesian farmers and to build a blockchain-based carbon offset system. Thank you so much for all of your supports.

Even though our crowdfunding will be finished soon, we will bring more coffee and chocolates from Indonesia to Japan, as well as the "gift" from Japan to Indonesia, so please continue to support

I'm so honored to have been working together with members, LIP members, and other project members, the backers, the event co-organizers, and all the people who support to make this crowdfunding successful.

We have only a few hours minutes now, but crowdfunding is now in its final stages.

I’ll finish my internship at in only a few more days. I joined as I wanted to learn about's wonderful works, and to take meaningful action for society and the environment by contributing to activities. I can strongly say that I made such a good decision to do the internship here. I could work and learn so many things with wonderful GIFTMAKERS. I’d like to enjoy working here the days left.

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Thank you for your hard work, Masaki. Good luck with your future endeavor



We will miss you Masaki! We hope more people will support us to deliver more 'gifts' to farmers.

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