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Agroforestry : A Method Inherited by Ancestors in Bajawa

Hello! I'm Okta from Do-Business Team here. I will tell you a compelling story from Bajawa. Yes! As you all may knew, we buy our coffee beans from farmers in Bajawa, Flores. Surprisingly, they have been practicing agroforestry to plant coffee for generations even before the word "agroforestry" exist. It already inherited by their ancestors. But before we start, I suggest you to read Amanda's blog for a glimpse about agroforestry.

Coffee Trees of Our Farmers in Bajawa

Well, in the most simple definition, agroforestry means to combine concept of agriculture with forestry. Mr. Albert, one of our farmer, told me that they grow coffee in Wolobobo Protected Forest Area and they usually have shade trees to protect their coffee trees from storms, intensive raining and over heating. The coffee trees grow with shaded trees will experience less damage which will prevent the decrease of coffee production. Mahogany, eucalyptus and fai are the most common shade trees in their area. Speaking of which, fai tree is one of the important material to build the traditional house (or widely known as Rumah Adat) called Sa'o. It is not only as a place to live with the family but also a place for many cultural activities. Sa'o has deep meaning and values for local people in Bajawa (we will talk about this next time).

Furthermore, they don't only grow shade trees with coffee trees in the forest, they also have vegetable plants to diverse their source of food and income. And in the previous time, their great great grand parents brought vegetables as gift every time they got back from forest. All of these proven that agroforestry is part of their culture since long time ago. Their ancestors taught them about it.

Our Farmers in Wolobobo Protected Forest Area

Agroforestry provides many environmental benefits, such as increase the productivity, land used management, carbon stocks, improve soil quality and food security. Amazing, right?

Our coffee farmers do agroforestry not only for their own benefit, it is beyond for our nature and humankind. That's one of the amazing story behind our For a little hint, we are currently preparing hamper packages to fill your December with full of joy and happiness. It will be legen .... wait for it .... dary!!! Legendary!!! 😁✌️

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Dec 14, 2020

What a beautiful and sustainable culture.. Thank you for sharing the farmers' stories!

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