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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

On Friday 13 November 2020, and Hutan Itu Indonesia shared knowledge and stories about sustainable agroforestry and how beneficial it is for the business and community on Instagram Live. For Indonesia, a tropical country that widely covered by and depends on its agricultural land and forest, agroforestry has been the ideal solution for integrating sustainability in the agriculture and forestry sector as well as empowering locals' socio-economy and food security. Many farmers across Indonesia have practiced with its own traditional name specialized to the type of plants suitable in their geographical area, such as Repong Damar in Lampung, Tembawang in Kalimantan and Kebun Talun in West Java. Agroforestry practices are ideal because of its ecological benefits in restoring soil nutrients, sequestering carbon emission, and creating climate change resistance, as well as its socio-economic benefits in providing economic stability and reducing climate change vulnerability for smallholder farmer by improving production and diversifying enterprises and income distribution.

Throughout the event, viewers were eager not only to ask questions to learn more about the topic itself but also to actively finding ways to involve and contribute to this sustainable effort. Although it has many benefits, agroforestry has not been promoted and implemented entirely across Indonesia due to a lack of policy incentives, technical and financial assistance in the early stages of establishing an agroforestry system. We, , are working to close this gap!

Our LANDMARC project is currently working on cases study large and small scale compost and biogas sectors in supporting the feasibility of land-use based mitigation technologies (LMTs) in the Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) sector. It does not stop there! We also empower local communities through the sales of our and su-re.cocoa because when you purchase products, you promise 25% of wholesale price to biogas and Climate Field School. Check out our well-crafted gifts for you and the earth in our shop!

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