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Working at pt 8: Always be prepared to improvise!


Maya from do-business and be-event here!

Today, I spent quite some time in the office, which I have talked about once in my blog here. I was helping the daily workers (I have also talked about here) prepare our coffee and chocolate orders. Of course, we were using masks and properly social distancing.

Safety first!

We went to the office because we had to prepare a big batch for both Canggu (Alive Wholefood Store) and Japan (TigerMov).

We used to pack our coffee with our partner HungryBird, an award-winning roastery based in Canggu. However, their place got too crowded and so they updated their workflow.

They gave us a sealer and a scale (thank you!) to package our coffee at our office.

So now we have a system in the office to do this. You can see in the videos here:

We also made these videos so that we don't have to keep instructing daily workers where things are!

Back to Today, since we had so many orders (HUNDREDS to be precise), I had to help the team as well. We have two scales in total but we only have one sealer machine. However, we found a way to speed up the sealing process, by using an Iron!

That's right, the thing you use to make your shirts all neat. Did I ever tell you that I used to work at a clothing store? I had to iron dozens of shirts, but I LOVE IT. I was very happy that I could use this to seal our packaging. I personally think it's even faster and easier than the sealing machine, plus it's more fun!

We finished quite late today at 7 PM. I want to thank everyone's support, the daily workers, Okta, and of course, the iron machine. Hopefully, you get to appreciate our products more, knowing that it isn't manufactured with big machines in a factory. More importantly, hopefully, you also learn how to adapt and improvise in your environment the same way I did!

Stay safe and see you next week!

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