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Daily Workers = Hidden Figures

This is Maya from Do-business and Be-Event team.

Nice to see you again in my new blog! 🤗

This time, I would like to share with you all about how our daily workers have such an important role in


How many of you know about daily workers?

I believe some of you don’t really know who they are and what they do.

Here in, a daily worker is someone who helps in logistics and operational matters. For example, everything ranging from preparing orders from customers or clients, preparing giveaways for events, to preparing for shipping of our Biogas digesters. The list goes on.

In addition, the working-system for them is also different from’s staffs. As we know, the word 'daily' means that they will only work on the days they can help us, thus they are paid daily.

So, how and when did we start hiring daily workers?

We started to hire daily workers in mid-2020. In May 2020, we got lots of orders for IED hampers. At that time, the Do-Business team was just Radhya and me. We lived far from each other, the pandemic situation was really difficult for us to visit and pack the orders at the same place, plus there were a lot of work to do and deadlines to catch. We thought that grinding, packing, and delivery were time-consuming activities. Finally, we decided to hire a daily worker.

The journey to find them was also difficult during the pandemic. That condition made some people afraid to meet others and socialize. We contacted all our friends who wanted to help us as the daily workers. And finally, we managed to collect eight amazing daily workers. We have Benny, Santi, Beck, Suraj, Krisna, Gigi, Ragil, and Sugih.

Even though they came from different backgrounds, they all do their jobs very well (pssst...I will show you our daily worker’s task later, you should know that it’s not that easy to do and finish all the task. That’s why I called them amazing daily worker) ✨

But why do we have so many daily workers?

Most of them have full-time jobs, so they can’t help us at all times. It is unlikely that the same daily worker can help us out throughout the month or even the week. Thus we have a group of daily workers, in case some can’t make it when we need them. Despite that, there are still several difficulties in the process.

First, the process of briefing and assisting a daily worker is quite time-consuming, especially during the first day of work. They also are not only required to be fast but also to be very detailed at every step (they must read the brief and task carefully). E.g. grinding the exact amount of coffee, pick up items from here, deliver items to there. This becomes a real challenge for us because we need to provide clear and detailed instructions to make sure things go well. I’m so thankful for this experience, as I learned a lot about how to communicate and give instructions.

The second difficulty is making a list of tasks for the daily worker because we have to start with knowing exactly what we need. For instance, how much we need to stock, how to use the coffee grinders and sealers, how to prepare the packaging. More importantly, how can they work most efficiently by arranging them a one-way route, from the production, packing, to delivery.

What I need you to know!! The day we hire a new daily worker, we must always be on standby next to our phone.

Another difficulty, the third difficulty, is when we suddenly have to change the route because some tasks may not be completed or canceled. For example, the tasks are usually written in order say from 1 to 5. When we were printing the stickers for the packaging, this task number 3. Note that all the tasks were ordered based on the route. However, the printing machine suddenly broke down, we had to cancel or postpone task number 3 which ruined the route flow and other tasks.

Despite all the difficulties, I learned a lot from this experience. These conditions taught me to have a sense of urgency, to be ready for fast response, to make quick decisions including finding quick solutions to problems. As Fabian wrote in his previous blogs, here in we all learn how to improvise when we encounter unexpected problems.

This is what I can share with you about daily workers. I hope you now know how much help they provide for us.

Dear all amazing daily workers, thank you for teaching me many things, from communication, decision making, to be patient. 🤗✨

Keep the spirit up and thank you for helping!

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