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Working at pt 14: fantastic team, well done!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021


It’s Maya again from the do-business and be-event team.

Yes! It’s difficult for me to finish my series of working at because every day I experience and learn something new from other gift makers and or from what I am doing here.

If you have read and looked deeply at what I shared in my previous blogs, I was not only sharing about’s company culture but also the uniqueness of that you probably won’t find in a regular workplace. My favorite part of my previous blogs is how feels like a college. I summarized our most exciting activities during work on that blog.

In, I get to organize offline and online events. A little recap, before the pandemic, we were mostly working in the international field. Our online event had a collaboration with mostly Japanese universities or companies. Then, we moved everything online. If you remembered, we just started to open collaboration with a local community in September 2020. Since then, we have had a bunch of meetings every week to introduce and propose an online event collaboration with them. As we expected, it needed longer preparation, especially for the online webinar. It took around two to three weeks of preparation. So, we needed to have good communication with our partners, which we did.. hahaha I can say that because it is based on our evaluation and testimony working with team from our partners after the event.

Speaking of the evaluation, we got a lot of appreciation from our partners. It made me realize that is special.

So, here are several reasons why I can say that:

1. After we introduced about activity and the projects, I found that we knew what’s going on in the company or other teams’ updates. For example, we had a meeting with partner A and it was only the do-business and be-event team who can join, then there was a question from partner A about Biogas Digester or Research project. Even though we can’t explain the details of it, at least we knew the update or progress from each project. It was because of our culture to have morning and afternoon meeting. Mostly I found from our partners that they only know about the organization/company that they were working on. But if we have a question related to the program/project, for example, they did not know about it, they need to confirm with the other team who is responsible or know about the program/project.

2. We are a small team but when we talk about teamwork, I can consider team as the best team for organizing events. After our first meeting with our partners, we immediately create a WhatsApp group as an efficient communication tool. We were appreciated because of our fast response and giving detailed input or improving feedback from pre and post-event. Well done, gift makers! Keep up the good work, team! ^^

3. I found that the call to action system or a continuous partnership after the event is unusual among the local communities. In, before we do something or in this case, before we create an event, we have to know the objective and output of the event. For example, when we held an event with Japanese students, the output was a final presentation of what they were doing during the program or making a campaign such as social media campaign of reducing plastic waste.

4. In the case of online events, we did not want participants to only join the webinar and then leave immediately. Instead, we organize a giveaway challenge where they can share what they get from the webinar and win the gift from us. We create a WhatsApp group for participants too. If they still have a question during the event or just want to share the information or article related to the event, they can discuss it with the speaker or other participants in that group. With this WA group, we also make a community, so, if we have more events in the future, we can easily spread the poster or inform about our upcoming event through it.

Again, we got appreciation from our partners for suggesting to have a call to action after the event.

5. We learned a lot from TigerMov and onlineACT program. They suggested team to try something new to support the program. How can the program be interesting to students even though they can’t come to Bali. So, to support the lectures, we tried to make the education and training program as fun as possible. We invited NGOs, locals, to the government to be a speaker. We developed 360 videos and Augmented Reality technology. We also did a virtual tour in a farmer's house by showing and sharing about Biogas Digester. We wanted to also give this excitement that Japanese students experienced to Indonesian youth. We used these learning tools for our online event with Indonesian partners. This is also something new for them.

6. We always want to improve. For the online event, the one thing we should do after the event is having an evaluation with our partner, so we can know do-s and don’t-s to improve the event. Most of the time, we are the ones who initiate this evaluation session.

I wanted to share more but I can’t remember all of them. If you are a gift maker or our partner, could you help me to share the uniqueness of compared to others?

Thank you for reading! Stay healthy and see you on my next blog! ^^

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This reminds me how amazing we have done so many online activities since the pandemic started!

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