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Working at pt 10: DON'T MISS OPPORTUNITIES!!

Guess what I’ll talk about in today’s blog??


More about the experience of working at

It’s Maya from do-business and be-event team ^^

Today, I will share with you what we do when an opportunity is in front of us.

This year, we have been making new collaborations with partners to expand our products. Last week, our CEO Tak was meeting with another potential partner that asked for the prices of our new products. We needed to confirm with our other partners about the fixed prices, which would take a few moments. Some of our partners did not respond quickly, so we thought we should wait. However, Tak told us that we need to send this price list as soon as possible! He then referred to our manual.

He repeated many times that speed is very important in this company. We need to move as quickly, otherwise, we will miss big opportunities. I’m starting to understand this as this reminded me of my experiences running an online shop >,<

Before I started working in a company, I’ve been running my own online shop in 2015. I learned that when I have a big client asking for a quotation, I know that I have to respond within 10 minutes. I’ve missed it before. So in my head, I can imagine that the client may find a different better opportunity by just scrolling around.

I think opportunities come and go, but if we always delay, we will never be ready for the opportunity. I learned to be ready at all times because that’s how we learn. If we make a mistake, then it’s a learning experience and we move on.

Remember my post last week? We don’t hide mistakes.

Thanks for reading my blog, hope this experience inspires you to never wait for the right opportunity. Instead, make the opportunity happen by always being ready.

See you on my next blog!

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