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Working at pt 9: DON'T HIDE MISTAKES!!

I’m sure you can guess what I will bring to today’s blog. YES! The experience of working at Last week I already finished my export series, and today I will continue sharing about (I promise this is going to be a short one) about working at

Forgot to say Hi to you all!!

It’s Maya from do-business and be-event team ^^ Today, I will share with you the ‘transparency system that we implement in I’ve coverd this once before and Cynthia also covered it this week.

A few days ago, I got a chance to visit one of my good friends in Bali. She runs a small business that focuses on essential oils, diffusers, and candles. She built the business in 2017 and it is going well even in this corona situation. During those years, she hired some staff members to help her with the production and administration. She is also experienced in handling employee’s issues. Speaking of this, she just lost one of the team members. She told me that this person hides so many mistakes. She rarely updated the progress or what she’s doing or difficulties during the work.

Her experience is related to what I’ve experienced in I also share this with my friend about what our founder always says: Don’t hide mistakes! Once you hide it, you will always hide another mistake. You can picture this by imagining having a balloon and filling it with gas. Say that the gas is like a mistake. Once you fill this balloon with another mistake, it grows bigger and if it is at its maximum point, it will explode. If you are working with a team, this situation can affect the other team members or even all of them.

Back in February 2020, it was quite busy because we had a Tokyo University visit and on that day, we needed to prepare the logistics for the welcoming party. One day before they came, Radhya and I went to some stores to buy a cake and other stuff at around 3 PM Bali Time. We left our bags at the office and we brought the office phone with us because we needed to wait for the confirmation from our partner. FYI, we never had a new office phone since 2015. We clearly remembered that it was with us. The tragedy was so fast. WE LOST THE OFFICE PHONE at around 3.30 PM Bali time. We checked every store and road we visited before. We checked it and tried to call it for about 1.5 hours. We were afraid to go back to the office.

BUT THEN, we remembered and decided to tell our founder about this. YES! After we arrived, Radhya told Tak about this phone. We thought about the possible reactions that we may receive from Tak on the way back to the office xD but we received an unexpected reaction.

He was not angry. He even suggested us to buy a new phone. We updated this mistake to other team members too and they help us to proceed with the backup sim card.

This is what I want to tell you about what our founder always says: DON’T HIDE MISTAKES. He also talked about it in our retreat this week. Being angry may promote people to hide mistakes, which is why he does not want to get angry. If we share our mistakes, we can fix them together.

I learned a lot from this situation and every time I faced some troubles, I update it and asked the team if someone can help me with those issues.

Thanks for reading my blog, hope this experience gives you some insights about handling problems, see you on my next blog!

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