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Waiting for you to be a Giftmaker!

Hello! My name is Miku Matsuda and have started an internship as the Business team from this month! I am currently studying at Soka University and also taking online classes at Malaysian University as an exchange student.

I would like to tell you why I chose to do an internship in su-re. co and what I would like to contribute to environmental protection as a Gift maker.

Before applying for the internship, I was thinking about what I can do for addressing environmental issues. For me, just belonging to the volunteer group was limited to take action and change other’s minds turning them into more eco-firendly lifestyles. One day, when I saw the website of and read the concept of Think-Do-Be, I realized that I can take action for the environment through business activities to raise awareness and the green business will have the potential to impact many people’s lives!! So, I had decided to join the internship as a Green Business Developer.

There are two of my goals in!

1. Tell the importance of the environmental protection

The product brand name is “Dear Everyone” and it looks like a letter. I thought this concept really matched my belief that I spread the concepts for sustainability to everyone in the world. As a Green Business Developer, I would like to do marketing and interacting with clients to tell the story of and make everyone be interested in the environment to achieve this goal!

2. Apply my knowledge and skills into

Even though I do not have any experience of internship at international companies, I believe that I can practice my knowledge related to the environmental issues and skills gained from some cultural experiences into taking actions in! In, the proactive attitudes or actions toward vision are important, so I would like to challenge projects using knowledge and skills!

For people who would like to take action for the environment, will be a good place for you to make other’s lives eco-friendly! Why don’ you take this great opportunity and become a Giftmaker like me??

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