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[vision] Zero to One: More examples of "1-step ahead" products

My daily blog has become our company's daily quiz. When I asked the team members to answer the question about yesterday's product that was a step ahead, I got many exciting ideas.

Two of them are as follows.

  • 0-step: plastic trash bag

  • 3-steps ahead: a more integrated disposal system where "container" is no longer needed.

  • 1-step ahead: biodegradable trash bags

  • 0-step: give away the educational book directly to the children in the slum area

  • 3-steps ahead: building a library for children in the slum area

  • 1-step ahead: created a mobile library for children in the slum area so they can share books with each other

Since I already wrote the subject before, let's write about Tesla and fair trade

Tesla's electric sports car

① As a vision, Tesla wanted to make the coolest electric car.

③ If you check the current situation, you will find news that the index of renewable energy is higher than the share price of ExxonMobil, and a declaration that the reason why Apple does not include a charger in the iPhone is "for the environment to reduce the energy used for transportation". The iPhone example in particular, shows "for the environment" became an excuse for not including a charger, which is usually criticised.

⑤ Think of the product as a practical solution.

  • 0-step: Nowadays, people still think that a Ferrari with a V12 engine is cool.

  • 3-steps ahead: replace all cars with electric cars. But telling a newcomer like Tesla that it has to make every kind of electric car is not a good idea, as it would divert resources.

  • 1-step ahead: Make a cool electric sports car to give the wealthy an excuse to feel guilty about driving a Ferrari.

Truly sustainable coffee

① From my research at the Stockholm Environment Institute and projects with JICA and the United Nations, I wanted to create a sustainable coffee that would address climate change.

③ As I wrote before, fair trade may not be so fair in reality. If you look for articles that criticise fair trade, you will find them.

⑤ Think of the product as a practical solution.

  • 0-step: Many believe in Fairtrade and still happy to buy it.

  • 3-steps ahead: It might be best for farmers to make their own coffee, from roasting to packaging, and sell it directly on the internet. However, it would be difficult for a farmer who has not finished primary school to do these things.

  • 1-step ahead: We sell coffee and donate a portion for climate field schools to help them adapt to climate change or for biogas systems to produce renewable energy or organic fertilisers.

In this way,'s biogas and climate field school makes sense, but we all know the truth is it's not enough to do a business out of it (^^;).

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