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[Vision] What is the Objective: Working in a bike shop and circumnavigating Australia

Last week I explained to the staff about the Objective, but some didn't seem to get it, so I told them about it in my experience of working in a bike shop and circumnavigating Australia.

When I was 19 years old, I worked in a bicycle shop for a while. It wasn't because I had to fix customers' bikes or to save money. I had a goal of cycling around Australia when I was 19 years old, and to achieve that goal, I needed to be able to repair my bikes all by myself. So my goal was to work in a bike shop and "be able to repair my bikes by myself". When I asked for a job at the bike shop in town, I explained my goal of "cycling around Australia" and my goal of "being able to repair all my bikes by myself" before I was allowed to work there. I earned money for the circumnavigation of Australia by washing the bodies of passenger aircraft by hand. Therefore, I did not receive any salary from the bicycle shop. Looking back, I think this was my first internship (^^). If I do not explain this goal, I don't think there would have been any point in my life working in a bicycle shop, but it was a significant activity for my goal of cycling around Australia. Similarly, washing airliners was a vital activity to raise money to circumnavigate Australia in a short time.

So I hope that you are writing your review paper on "coal power in Indonesia" not because it is a contract for a European Union project. But, it is because you want to become an expert on climate change in Indonesia or because you want to advise the Indonesian government on climate change action at the next workshop. We would like you to do this. Similarly, we want the reason we sell our coffee to be "to provide clean and renewable energy to Indonesian farmers". Goals are guidelines that take you one level higher than you are now, and they should be in line with your team's vision or your personal goals. If possible, we want people to find their own goals, rather than being given them by others.

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