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[Vision] How to find the 1st step after making a vision!

I will be leaving Bali this weekend for the first time in a year and a half to deliver samples of our biogas equipment to a facility. Once we have many these biogas units, we will connect them to the blockchain and start trading emissions credits. It's all about the vision of bringing very cheap renewable energy to farmers.

People often ask me how actually to get started after I've created the vision. I start with what I can do. First, as always, there are five steps to finding the direction of your vision. Create a vision of the future as it should be and set goals that you think you can achieve. We understand the current situation, and since the difference between the current situation and the goal is the problem, we propose a solution to fill it.

The first step is easy to understand if you think in two dimensions: "what you want to do" and "what you can do".

  1. What I don't want to do but can do = the current situation.

  2. What I don't want to do and can't do = Ignore because I don't need to think about it.

  3. Things I want to do, but can't do at the moment = solutions close to my vision.

  4. What I want to do and can do = a solution that I will try first.

The blue arrow shows the thought process of finding this first step. First of all, the current situation is not something you want to do, because you are not satisfied with it, but you already do, for example, cooking with wood. We don't need to think about what we don't want to do and can't do, so we skip all the options on the bottom right. Then we think about the things closest to our vision, the things we want to do the most. For example, our situation was to "attach a blockchain to a biogas unit to do emissions trading". But we can't do this yet, so we take a step back and start where we can. Even if we took a step back, we could still do "introduce farmers to cheap biogas equipment made from PVC", and we wanted to do it even more. So we started by introducing this biogas unit made of PVC.

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