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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Hello, Amanda here from!

It has officially been a year since I first joined! (well actually, it's 8 days over ^^). One year has gone by so fast in a good way :) . I'd like to think that I have grown as a person, especially in my outlook on life. As I was reading other people's blogs, I found that happiness and contribution, the meaning of our work, are the themes of August! It is really motivating and inspiring to read and have these as our culture as we work remotely but it also got me a lot of thinking. At the end of every blog, the writer asks questions to get to know better about each other. At the same time, these questions made me deeply thought about my life. Sometimes in a good way, for instance, when I read Indri's blog on , my initial reaction is, "oh I never thought of contribution as giving more than you receive but still keeping your own interests in sight– I like this better outlook in life". But other times, it is more of confusion than it is a revelation. When I read Fabian's blog, and he asks, "Have you ever found happiness after knowing what makes you unhappy?"- my mind to take me to this void that kept me wonder and ponder "whoa, I don't know the answer to this questions.. do I even know what I happiness I want to bring in life? is it OK that I don't know ?"… until I get hungry, then I eat ;P.

In all seriousness, not knowing the answers to these open-ended life questions used to make me so anxious because of my surroundings. My impostor syndrome was overpowering me. Then, I found that I could only solve it from within – but I did not know how yet. So, I tried to do is evaluate myself or be evaluated. During the beginning time in, performance evaluation was one of the main questions I had in mind because I thought it would be one of the ways to validate my work. After a while, I learned that are more than just tangible and measurable achievement when working in and that evaluation does not have to as rigid or structured hierarchical form. We create gifts for the earth with well- intention but sometimes complex to understand or measure (read more here :) )

The more I work on the operation of different teams, effective management takes time – so is a good evaluation. As discussed in Tak's blog, we don't hide mistakes and report our reflections daily. Through our Dojo WhatsApp group, everyone can ask, recognize, or suggest a solution to everyone's reflection. The communication is so transparent that this continuous feedback and recognition already felt like a personal evaluation. I felt like little by little, I understood myself a bit more. I also felt more comfortable sharing about myself and not afraid of not having all the answers because I know that I have a bigger vision!

Thanks for reading my first-anniversary blog! I am curious, how did or your workplace change your perspective about yourself?

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