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The Gifts from Organic Waste

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Hi, Indri here from the Think - team!

People produce organic waste from food waste or municipal waste every day. Do you know that around 13 million tonnes of food are wasted every year? This food actually could feed roughly 28 million people (FAO, 2019). Then surprisingly, Indonesia is the second-largest food waster in the world (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2018)! It is only food waste. How if we calculate all organic waste produced from livestock, food, and municipal waste? It will be so huge!

Picture 1: Daily food and organic waste

Fortunately, there are some ways to change organic waste to some advantages, such as composting, biogas, and organic products. We will improve sustainability in our daily life and will get benefits from co-products. For example, if you have livestock, then you can use the manure by installing biogas at your house. If you have a restaurant, you can do composting by using food waste. If you have food waste from fruit peels, you can add vinegar to produce organic floor cleaner. There are a lot of ways to manage your waste! Don't make your waste end in the landfill!

To discuss more details on organic waste management, and will host Instagram Live on 20th November 2020 at 7-8 pm (Jakarta time). There are two topics that will be discussed: Composting and Biogas for Households. There will be a giveaway for 2 participants. will give the gardening package! So, don't miss it! Mark your calendar and join us!

Picture 2: Instagram Live Poster

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2 comentarios

If food waste is not utilised, it is really wasted!!! Go for compost or biogas ;-)

Me gusta

Food waste is a real issue! Hope to see everyone tomorrow :)

Me gusta
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