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Sustainability in Japan

Hello, this is May from the Green business development team.

Recently, we are going into winter in Japan, so the temperature is getting colder. Sometimes, I feel I want the temperature to get warmer and I can’t believe we face the challenge of climate change…

But we face problems…

Any ways

This semester, I am taking a class specialized in SDGs and Journalism at a university. Last week, I learned about the tendency for the Japanese government to make decisions in an International meetings and problems.

According to the class, the Japanese government tends to protect the presence rather than the future. In other words, they think that changing for the future is important, but changing something causes some undesirable situation for people who live now. For example, protecting women’s rights is important, but if they decide to change some law quickly, some problems that cause collapse and lead to unbalance in the current situation happen.

Due to the custom, Japan delays the change towards sustainability, while many European countries and other countries take actions to be more sustainable.

Japan, including me, protects current situations.

Nowadays, many big companies change their business model towards sustainability, and many young generations would like to work in these companies.

I hope Japan will be more flexible and willing to change for the future.

In your country, are there any measures and laws to protect the environment?

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