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[su-re venture] Why Apple and Biogas is the same?

Previously, in the European Union project Green Win, I worked with Professor Antoine of the Sorbonne University to study how biogas devices were diffusing in 10 provinces of Indonesia. Still, for various reasons, we could not finish the study. Professor Antoine is also present in the newly started TIPPING + project, so I decided to try this research again. At the same time, Professor Stanislav, who is conducting biogas diffusion research in Central Europe, will also participate in this research. Also, I found out that Professor Stanislav collaborated on another project with Oleg, with who I had a PhD within Oxford, and though the world was small.

The biogas plant that we are working on is a decentralised system where each household produces its own energy instead of a huge power station that produces energy, converts it into electricity, and distributes it to each household via power lines. It is often compared to computers' development, where energy system is converted from massive thermal power stations to decentralised energy production and consumption systems such as solar panels, biogas. In the past, computers were managed in one place, with a huge server called a mainframe, and you accessed the computing power of the mainframe from a terminal. Still, when Apple created the personal computer, the computing power was distributed. This is the answer I wrote in the subject ;-)

We're going to use blockchain to put an emissions trading mechanism on our biogas units that produce and consume energy in a decentralised way. Blockchain is a more advanced decentralised system, so it's exciting just to plan to connect it to small biogas units that are a decentralised energy source.

And just today, I got an email from Assen, who I did my MSc with at Oxford and now works at the European Development Bank, and for some reason, he pasted a picture of us from that time. It was kind of a day to think a lot about the past.

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