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[su-re venture] "Is it OK to ask you to install a lot of biogas?" "No, it's not a problem at all"

Recently we have been receiving many enquiries about biogas installations. Some of them are very large and say, " is doing a lot of work, is it OK to ask you to install a lot of biogas?" My answer is always the same:

"No, it's not a problem at all, and mass production is the must!"

First of all, building an organisation means building a system. A technician tries to develop their skills and make them better. The organisation multiplies the technician's number by hundreds, or it can entrust the consistency of its activities to other organisations. To do this, they systematise the structure of their activities and create manuals so that they can share their knowledge. This is the difference between pre-industrial production, where the master craftsmen made and sold their products individually, and post-industrial production, where they organised themselves and industrialised. If you want to compare the two, the concrete domed biogas equipment is made according to the pre-industrial method. Our PVC bags biogas system is the way it was produced during the industrial revolution. So it has to be produced in large quantities.

To build a dome concrete biogas unit, someone has to go to the site, dig a hole and build a domed structure. This process is the same as building a small hut in the ground. This method does not allow for mass production, so the production cost per unit is not different between making one and 100 units.

On the other hand, with the biogas system that we have designed, we don't have to go directly to the site; we send the PVC biogas kit that we make in our office to the farmer, they spread it on the site where they want to install it, add cow manure or bacteria and that's it. If there's a problem, we send them a new bag, and that's it. Until we have an automatic measuring device with blockchain and a flow meter, we will need to check with the farmer to make sure it is working correctly, but it is made from materials that the villagers can discuss and buy materials and repair themselves. The materials are sold in shops, so if I want to produce in large quantities, I can ask my supplier to cut the pipes to a certain length beforehand. If I buy a more efficient machine to weld the plastic in one place, I can do it more quickly and easily.

Our PVC-bag biogas digester is designed to build by organisations, which mean that we can reduce production costs more and more through mass production. Our approach is different from a biogas plant made of concrete in the ground and relies on the knowledge and efforts of a master.

So I have no hesitation in mass production. If anything, it is designed for mass production, so please order more and more. First of all, we will install 40 units in a project from the German government, and we have more enquiries, so I will make sure that the story I wrote here becomes a reality.

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