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[su-re venture] About – Vertical Integration of Sustainability

There is a slightly different form of contract than usual that we have now signed. That contract explains, which I have written about before. With the Corona pandemic, the structure of the business and even the clients have changed. The explanation that I re-read is not that far off from the current situation, so I'm putting it here. Please let me know if you have any comments!

====== is an environmental Think-Do-Be-Tank based in Bali. Our vision is to be a reliable gift maker for the planet and the future. It is to create a sustainable and resilient community (be) that can transform good intentions and deep thought (think) into direct action (do). Our mission is to make the vertical integration of sustainability which synergies research, technologies, and learning by a meaningful business. In short, su-re. co’s strategy is “a vertical integration for sustainability.”

Vertical integration means that strong will and good intention does not get lost from one activity to another (e.g. we make business based on our research results) and will be passed down by the generation of our members. It also benefits internally by institutionalizing knowledge. If we are an organization outsourcing core activities, is vulnerable by losing “meanings” of our actions --- forgetting “why we are studying, working, and learning”.

Private sector contributions to SDGs and ESG investment include “social inclusion and environmental protection” outside of the conventional value chain; therefore, companies have collaborated with research institutions such as universities and NGOs working on social issues. Therefore, it is challenging to attach meanings generated by these external organisations to the company's story and the product. By vertically integrating social inclusion, environmental protection and business, maximizes the added value of sustainability.

Our business strategy for vertical integration of sustainability is that not only to make Think, Do, and Be tanks conduct meaningful businesses, but by linking these respective operations as one story, we can create a corporate brand that other companies cannot compete with. Then, we monopolize the advanced market and sell at prices above the ordinal value generated purely by the function. In other words, we are focusing on “meaning” to be a gift maker instead of a value and function added by each activity.

Think-Tank’s meaningful business undertakes research projects from the European Union, international organizations, JICA and others. We also provide consulting services, but we do not undertake business that cannot contribute to the vision of Do-Tank activities are carried out as sustainability-focused businesses based on the results of our think-tank. We are currently running the business using coffee, chocolate, biogas digester and climate (change) agricultural schools. As Be-Tank activities, we offer short-term courses, for example, to TigerMov and the University of Tokyo by utilizing our research projects and sustainability businesses. We also provide environmental education to Montessori School in Bali. We accept internships from all over the world who not only learn science and field-based sustainability but also take part in our Think-Do-Be tank activities.

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