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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Hi! Okta from Business Team is here! 🙋🏽‍♀️

Previously, we had an opportunity to collaborate with Motion for Nature, a non-profit organization that aspires to educate millennial friends on the urgency of environmental issues. Their means of knowledge sharing are through podcasts, social media posts, and interactive events such as Zoom sessions and IG Live. Sounds cool, right? Let's get to know closer with them!

What is the problem you want to solve?

"Ultimately, we want to make the world better at implementing a nature-friendly way of thinking. We believed that environmental issues stem from collectively small issues (for example, throwing trash, energy usage inefficiency, and simply ignoring environmental issues). Knowing that we want to tackle the big problem starting from these small issues, and hopefully, if we accumulate all those small actions together we will eventually make a big impact to solve big environmental problems.

Secondly, we see that there are disconnects from organizations/individuals that are helping to solve these issues (for example, conservation organizations, researchers, etc) with the general public. Although, these organizations/individuals would have a substantial role in educating or pushing people for better environmental friendly practices. With that said, we are also trying to bridge that gap, so the general public is able to access these resources."

Who are your audiences (target)?

"Hmm we never limit ourselves as to who can tune in to our events or listen to our podcast. The more the merrier, right? But if we can pinpoint one particular target, it is the millennials! Because we are the ones who will inherit this earth right? We still have around 50 years down the road to living on earth! We better make this place called home liveable."

What is the approaching method that you implement to deliver your cause & campaign in society?

"Uniquely, we started our organization in the middle of the pandemic last year. This limits our approach to growing our community to a more remote-based method rather than physically engaging with people. However, this limitation does not discourage us from reaching new people. Gladly, we were able to reach people from different parts of Indonesia, whereas if we did not focus on the remote side of things, we would not have reached them. Moreover, we believed that using recent technologies and creating an online community is a very effective way to deliver our cause! We pretty much explored most of the online content creation industry to share our passion with the community we made. This includes things like podcasts, live workshops, videos, and online posts."

What makes your organization unique from other local communities?

"Like other organizations, when we started this organization we looked at some established likewise organization/community as our inspiration. What we realized, there are disconnects in terms of language that these organizations used to promote their cause to the general public. For example, organizations like animal rescue and rehabilitation centers usually promote animal rescue, which focuses more on how it affects the forest biodiversity and is good for the animals. While a more general audience wouldn’t be able to empathize with those kinds of problems simply, because it is not relevant to them.

From that problem, Motion for Nature tries to translate that to a more broad audience, emphasizing on their part to take actions while trying to reward them better for their involvement in helping the cause. In addition to that, we also encouraged the environmental organizations/community to contribute more to the education of the general public with methods that we think are more relevant to today’s general public We do think that, being the “bridge” for the environmental organization/community to the general public and vice versa, is a unique part of our organization."

What was the most unforgettable experience in your organization?

"We have 2 most unforgettable moments, those are :

1. The first donation to PPS Tegal Alur in Jakarta was the first real step that that we as an organization are making progress towards a more environment-friendly lifestyle. We started this organization not knowing how far we would take the organization to. But having to see our organization with the help of the community impacts the local animal rescue center has encouraged me to give more effort and time to developing this organization so that we can help more to the cause.

2. Book review of Silent Spring with Prof. Andreas Pramudianto and sponsored by PERIPLUS. I remember I was so nervous because it was my first time emcee-ing, to the point I actually prepared a script behind my Zoom window hahaha. Luckily it was online! Regardless, I am very grateful to MFN friends for giving me the chance to become the emcee of the event. I think it is safe to say that the event is a success!"

What is your organization’s big plan for the next 5 years?

"We are going to definitely explore more hands down approaches to promoting our cause. Obviously, we have plans for post-pandemic situations so stay tuned! Moreover, We are going to aim a bigger impact on the environmental organization communities by making bigger donations. If today we can plant 300+ trees for a 3 months campaign, we might be able to campaign for a whole forest in 5 years. Lastly, We aim to grow our community bigger and with a more diverse background. Therefore, we can have different opinions and more open discussions to better impact the environment. Not to mention, with bigger communities we might enable people to start their own campaign in the future."

What do you think about our previous collaboration together?

"We are grateful for the opportunity to work with like-minded organizations like Su-re-co. Su-re-co goes all out and gives 110% in sharing their knowledge on renewable energy. Also, kudos to the level of preparation for our collaborated event. We learn a lot from Su-re-co, and are excited to have more collaborations in the future!"

Previous Event Collaboration with Motion for Nature

What do you want to say for people who read this blog?

"Every little action counts! Start from the smallest of things and eventually you’ll make a big enough change!"

After helping their community to understand the issues, they hope that they can together take action, be it big or small, to alleviate the pain of our mother earth.

One act, giant impact! - Motion for Nature

If you want to collaborate with us, please kindly send email to and check all the things we make here. Thank you so much & see you next week!😉👋🏾

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