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I had a chance to know more about Earthero, another local community in Indonesia that collaborated with I contacted Monica Amelia, a founder of Earthero, and asked some questions to her.

Earthero is a local community that has the vision to provide realistic and practical sustainable living tips and easy-to-digest environment education, and affordable eco-friendly daily necessities in Indonesia. They aim to make sustainable living inclusive for everyone of any education, background, income level, and living conditions. They believe every little step matters and continuously encourage people to start living sustainability with their unique ability and living situation.

Logo of Earthero

Earthero tries to eliminate the stigma that sustainable living is expensive, challenging, and exclusive. It came from Monica's experience, when she learned and tried to live a sustainable life, she found few challenges. First, there were not many options for daily products that sustainable. Or, when they were available, it was pretty expensive. At that time, she found it hard to match her budget. The second problem she faced was the practical education of sustainable life. She did not come from a science or environmental background, so she found it hard to understand some articles. Other than that, she found a lot of her friends (including herself) were hesitant to start the "zero waste" challenge or were too afraid to live sustainable lives. By Earthero's tagline, they want to remove the stigma that sustainable living is difficult, expensive, or must look perfect through Earthero's activities. Can you relate to her story? Here is my quick QnA session with her about her community that she has built :

What is the approaching method that you implement to deliver your cause & campaign in society?

We educate through Instagram posts, Instagram talk (live) and podcasts, infographics, tips and tricks, debunking the myth, and many more. We continuously try our best to provide easy-to-digest environment education and realistic tips and hacks that can be applied to anyone who wants to live more sustainably.

What was the most unforgettable experience in your organization?

In June 2020, when held campaign #MaskForWildLife and raised funds for LKK (Lembaga Konservasi Khusus) for animals in Jakarta through selling cloth masks with animal prints – whereas 100% of the sales for the funding.

And when we cooperate with, we donated 50% of our profit to support medical frontline fighting during COVID-19 in May 2020.

And every time anyone messaged us on Instagram DM to share their experience, sustainable journey, or discuss anything related to sustainable living, it is indeed our most enormous satisfaction and the memorable experience itself.

What is your organization's big plan for the next five years?

Our long-term plans are to form a community – where we can share our experiences and struggles. Also, we plan to launch our website where we can provide in-depth education; cooperate with the local community to directly impact the environment (recycle/ plant trees/ cleaning event, many more). And lastly, we hope continuously expand our teams.

What do you think about our previous collaboration together?

I honestly am so thankful for our previous collaboration. I have learned so many insights and new knowledge through 2 podcasts we held together – with the topic of organic and plastic wastes' economic values. We have received much feedback from our followers, saying that the information is inspiring and informative. I hope we can have more collaboration like before in the future! This is the link for our first and second podcast.

Our Podcast collaboration with Earthero

What do you want to say for people who read this blog?

Little steps matter. Perfection is never required. It's better to have 90% of the population living an imperfect sustainable lifestyle other than only 10% doing it perfectly. Start small, do not be pressured to be "zero waste." Every little step you've made matters, and we are all on this together.

You can join their movement by following them on Instagram and don't forget to check all things we make here. See you in other stories!😉👋🏾

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