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Hi, wie geht's? Okta's here. I'm on my 3rd month of my internship in do-business team :)

Actually my internship started when I was in Germany and I'm currently living in Canggu since October 6th. Most of our activities in are transitioning to online platforms so the operation won't be ceased due to the pandemic. Likewise, all of our staff and interns currently work from home and most of the operations have shifted to online, such as our Climate Field School (CFS) programme. The following picture is our first online CFS with BMKG Jembrana and local farmers in Bali.

Online Climate Field School with BMKG Jembrana

Since the pandemic, we are initiating to accommodate giftmaker supporters who will become local champions in each region of Indonesia to improve community development, installation biogas digester, host events, and support giftmakers activities. We host webinars and online workshops to start introducing with local communities in Indonesia. The topic of discussion includes waste management, climate change, sustainable business, agroforestry and renewable energy. The enthusiasm that we received proved that audiences are highly interested with the discussed topics. There are many communities that have collaborated with us, those are HIMATEK in University of Sumatera Utara, Kota Tanpa Sampah, Cerita Iklim, Ocean Defender Indonesia, Saya Pilih Bumi, Zero Waste Indonesia and many more.

Online Webinar with HIMATEK in University of Sumatera Utara

Online Workshop with Cerita Iklim

This is a capstone for to build a platform for young people in Indonesia which allows them to collaborate and become giftmakers to the earth. Hopefully, one day we can create worldwide. You also can send an e-mail inquiry to if your community wants to collaborate with us to hold various events in accordance with the vision and mission of

Subscribe our website to know about the latest updates and the upcoming event. We also have a lot of giveaway for people who participate in our online activities. So, always keep an eye on our website! Who knows, you might be the lucky one to enjoy our and su-re.cocoa.

Our and su-re.cocoa

Sssttt... you also can purchase our products in shop 😉

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