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[ venture] 3 masks, 2 problems, and 2, solutions. The problem-oriented.

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Ciao, this is Takeshi CEO of

Today I continue with the mask project that the high school students came up. The focus is on the relationship between the problem and the solution. I'll talk about the same problems and the same solutions, and the important thing is how to choose the combination.

1) 'buttoned' mask

We can replace the mouthpiece of this 'buttoned' mask. Although this mask is still disposable, we can reuse its ear-piece. The student is figuring out what standard to use to make this mask detachable. Considering the resource used for the mounting system, will this disposable mask consume less or more resources compared with the conventional one?

2) 'pocket' mask No1

This 'pocket' mask reduces the material to be discarded just like the 'buttoned' mask by providing a pocket placing replaceable filters against viruses. In the pocket, only the filtered of the mask will be discarded, rather than the entire mask. These two masks are an example of how several solutions are available to achieve the same goal.

3) 'pocket' mask No2

The 'pocket' mask no 2, like the 'pocket' mask no 1, has a pocket. However, the purpose of the pocket is not to place the filter, but to put a heating substance to warm up the face. The second and third carry the same solution but solve different problems.

There is not always one way to solve the same problem. And the same solution does not necessarily solve only one problem. People don't pay for solutions and the technology that solves them. They pay money to improve their lives if an offered solution to solve their problem. If buttoned masks and pocket masks solve the same "reduce waste" problem, and the pocket mask can be made easier, then the pocket mask should be adopted by us. Because if people pay the same amount for the same problem and the pocket mask is cheaper to make, then the mask will be more profitable, and we will be able to provide the solution to the consumers cheaper.

And if consumers are willing to pay more for a pocket mask by solving the 'warming cold face' problem than 'reducing discarded material' problem, the pocket mask may focus more on the former problem. It may be more socially significant to use the pocket mask for this problem.

We often hear people talk about being solution-oriented, but more importantly, we need to understand the problem. And what are the problems? It is the difference between the future we want to achieve and the present.

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1 Comment

Dec 09, 2020

I like the idea for the 'buttoned mask'! I did at my home, I keep the ear-piece and change the mask (cloth)

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