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[vision] How to make a blueprint of sustainable masks?

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Konnishiwa! I am Takeshi CEO of and occasionally high-school teacher ;-)

Every Friday, I teach sustainability online to Clark High School. We set the vision, analyse the current situation and the problems between vision and now. This time I asked students to create a blueprint for a solution to their problems.

Since I do my lecture online, I talked students from various campuses from north to south of Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, by warping around to various campuses in the Zoom world. Here are a few examples.

This mask is a glow-in-the-dark mask. The story of why the student decided to make it is fascinating, so I'll talk more about that part of the story another time. She says that there is a society that can be helped by a glowing mask (^^). In the meantime, by next week, they will be making glowing masks using highlighters.

This mask has a tube of coolant to cool your face. I asked the student why this was necessary as he lives in a colder part of Japan, and he said he came up with the idea because this year, even in the northern part of the country, there were a lot of people falling ill from heatstroke this summer. Masks linked to climate change -- interesting!!

Not only this student wanted to cut down on waste from disposable masks, but make them more fun, so he planted seeds in the masks. The mask would bloom after thrown away. Partially recycled is called the green economy, and 100% recycled is called the circular economy. If the return is more than 100%, it is called a regenerative economy. This disposable mask brings back more than 100% as this make bloom a flower. And to make it a fun mask, it has a picture of a rose flower blooming on the back and a picture of Doraemon on the surface.

A famous Japanese cartoon character from "Kimetsu no Yaiba (Damon Slaver)" inspired this bamboo mask. In the manga, the heroine turned demon is gagged with a bamboo gag to stop her from attacking people. He didn't just take the idea for fun. When he wears a mask, he is concerned about the pimples on his chin. He thought this gagged mask would be the best way to prevent pimples on his chin, as long as his chin didn't rub against the mask. He said that he would make this long gag for me by next week.

This team was the group that last time we wanted to make a mask alternative with air curtains. They made a blueprint for it. That's still good that it's a solution-oriented proposal instead of the problem because I knew it from the last week. Another problem was the team was working on small details already instead of the most prominent part, including air blow. For example, the team decided to charge the batteries using USB-C. A metaphor is drawing a nostril in a beak without knowing where the beak is in my last blog post. Perhaps a dry cell AAA battery would be better than USB-C. You have to draw the most significant part first.

Even though they struggled to create a vision or find a problem to solve when we talked every week, they were good at proposing solutions this time. They came up with a lot more ideas than usual. But let's not forget the problems and the vision that is the starting point for the solutions. The blueprint they are working on now is very rough, and I want them to draw the big picture. The beak hole is right to draw at the end.

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1 Comment

Dec 09, 2020

The bamboo mask is interesting! I like the idea since I also hate pimples on my chin! :D

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